1. Well, if Bannon is OK with him going to jail, I’m OK with it, too. Let’s hope he gets 2 one-year sentences – back to back!

    1. @SNOOPY SNOOP Caps and emojis, where’s your little cutesy lols? What are you, twelve, thirteen?

  2. If he goes to jail he’ll just get the minium per charge which is 30 days per charge. If they was giving him a year per charge he would not be so smug. They need to really make some examples out of these people.

    1. Im guessing you’ve been to prison and jail. Because federal prison is a country club by comparison to county jail.

    2. @Stu Bonner that seems right to me as well. However there was a lawyer explaining on CNN that this particular conviction may be served outside of a federal facility. I don’t know. I don’t even know where to point you or if it was nonsense. Take it for hearsay.

    3. Actually because it’s a misdemeanor it will be jail. However when he gets to country jail he’s going to wish to God he was in prison.
      Because your right they are two different things.
      For guys in Bannons position, his prison stay would be in a white collar, minimum security resort!
      County jail is for those found guilty or waiting for trial. Short termers. Street people of all types and ethnicities.
      Anything can happen doing a month to a year in County… Anything. And normally does.
      Prison term for him would be easy time.
      Waking up in county every morning with a fresh round of scumbags each day…well like you said…two different things 😀.

    1. @Turbo Did my homework..practice what you preach. Been a pleasure. Have a splendid rest of the day. 🤤

  3. Yeah, just like he was “going to go on offense”, it was going to be “Medieval” …hollow B.S Steve

    1. The greatest “OBSTACLES” To Free Speech, A Honest Unbiased Media, Legitimate Elections, Peace, The Public’s Safety, Affordable Housing, Financial Prosperity, A Clean Environment, Affordable Health care, Law and Order, and Basic Constitutional freedoms, is to elect a “Democrat” in to office at any level government!!


    1. @Surfineagle To be in jail, you have to be charged with an offence and found guilty. That’s how the legal system works. Can you advise which Bidens and which offences you are referring to.

    2. @Surfineagle What exactly would Bidens be in prison for, and if you really believed Bidens belong in prison. You must really be thinking the traitor belongs there. You don’t want to be a hippocrit.

    1. @Barry Lenihan Yes he was held in contempt of congress. Something about ATF gun-walking deal, but they refused to try him.

    2. @kay armstrong Your question was ‘why Eric Holder didn’t go to prison’, and I correctly commented that that he was not charged with Contempt of Congress, and therefore the issue of he being guilty of an offense didn’t arise, much less the question you ask as to why he didn’t go to prison. I trust this answers your question.

  4. Getting close to a purely malevolent being such a Trump never ends well for anyone. You would think people would learn by now.

    1. @David J what law was broken when police open the doors and waved people in?and what law IS being broken when political prisoners are held for two years without trial?who is the real criminals here?

  5. He’s only ‘brave’ because
    a. it’s a misdemeanor, with a short sentence
    b. It’s great publicity and gives him magacredits with the easily impressed and generally ignorant
    c. He has no life outside anyway
    d. He’s never actually been, and doesn’t understand it’s hard being locked up no matter how short the sentence

    1. @Belly Dancer Em I guess they will think twice about giving anyone else a pass. Looking forward to Biden being investigated.

    1. @Cyclops23 correa how did he hurt his Vice President, wait I know, u mean he hurt his feelings right?!!😂😂😂🤦‍♀️

    2. @The DUTCHess I said he was trying to hurt him. No it hurt my feelings. But it hurt trump and his supporters feelings

  6. If he made that statement and it was for good, I’m all for that but when you say “so be it” when attemting to cover your coup plot and those involved, that shows a lack of respect for the law, the constitution and morality in general.

    1. @FRAGGLE ROCKSTAR what kind of evidence did you need it’s as plain as the nose on your face .

  7. He was found guilty by his peers and is still like “I’m a patriot” 😵‍💫. Dumb, dude deserves like 10 years. Defying the subpoena is the least of his guilt.

    1. It s patriotic to support President Trump till the bitter end. Trump is the only one in Washington who upholds Christianity and the American way of life.

    2. @Gulliver the Gullible u do realize this brainwashed TDS stricken minority of idiots hate everything about America and American ways of life, they hate themselves pretty much as well as their parents and families, “ hard times create strong men, easy times create weak men”, these is the generation ( thank God just a fringe of them) are the result of good safe, economically and socially stable and prosperous times..

    1. @Mudig Hadn’t heard that she has been charged with any offense. Perhaps you can enlighten us.

    2. @kay armstrong I don’t know the details of that case, but do you know of any reason why Bannon shouldn’t receive a custodial sentence. I haven’t seen any indication that he is remorseful.

    3. @Barry Lenihan I don’t think he thought he was wrong with contempt of congress. And probably won’t serve any time. I don’t care for him, but I think this whole tv drama has been one-sided except for a few republicans who never like Trump because he was an outsider. I like outsiders!!!

    4. @kay armstrong Bannon may have thought he did nothing wrong, but that is not what the jury decided. Unless he is succesfull with an appeal he will face the consequences of his actions. I don’t think anyone should be considered above the law.

  8. His subpoena “wasn’t set in stone”
    Later Trump will say, “the constitution wasn’t set in stone…”

  9. He’s speaking all tough now but when time came he offered to testify and they didn’t need him anymore

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