1. @Neo (Reloaded) Zelensky is Ukrainian in case you didn’t follow the news and don’t understand the conflict that is going on …

    2. Then you’re very close minded lol, if you only ever watch CNN and Western media and think it’s all truth..

  1. “Safeguard reforms”.. Sorry Mr. Gorbachev.. We are still trying to get it right.. Sigh..
    R.I.P 🕊 ❤
    🇺🇸 🇺🇦 🌎 ✌

  2. “Peace is not unity in similarity but unity in diversity, in the comparison and conciliation of differences.” — Mikhail Gorbachev

  3. “Comrade Belikov we are in grave danger from the Capitalists, our collective our very way of life is at risk!”

  4. No matter what you think of Gorbachev, this guy is half of the reason the cold war ended. For that, I’ll raise a glass to his passing.

    1. @George Furman not fear, fear was a tool in communism. It fell because of low standard of life (wider term)
      Capitalism is not perfect, but it’s the best we have, just like democracy

    2. @Robert Nussberger _”his country was in shambles. Civil unrest and economically”_ – In other words, certain circumstances led him to reconsider a path for his country. Just as I said. But the decision to make it was still his.
      It wasn’t on Ronnie Reagan.

  5. An interesting man who had ambitious reform ideals for his nation. He succeeded in some aspects, but I believe he fell well short of his objectives and his intended achievements for his citizens.

    Regardless, RIP.

  6. Being a journeyman historian, one of the things that interests me are the contemporary couplings in history. WW II had a very interesting mix who by and large were all of the same age, Patton was an elder having served with Pershing in WW I.

    With that in mind, if Gorbachev, Jimmy Carter and Yitzak Rabin had been in power at the same time, think what this world may look like now. We might have come that close to a much more wonderful world, than the rabid reactions to scarcity that we currently witness.


  7. This man and his friendship with Ronald Reagan saved the world that is what history should say about him because it’s true!

  8. At the outbreak of the Cuban Missile Crisis, there was a Soviet delegation in Washington negotiating a wheat sale, and during those negotiations a U.S. military chap came into the the room to announce that the two countries were nose to nose about going to war.

    There was a prolonged uncomfortable silence broken by a Soviet negotiator who said, ‘Perhaps it’s time for a joke. What’s the difference between Capitalism and Socialism? In the first case, one man exploits another, in the second case, it’s just the other way around.’

  9. When he talks about working with the United States. I can see why it would be difficult when working with the likes of Ronald Reagan. Whatever one may think, it was Gorbachev who deserves ALL the credit for ending the Cold War. I still remember in 1983 when then President Reagan was using fiery rhetoric such as Evil Empire, and the then superpowers were dangerously close to having a head to head conflict. This whole thing of “peace through strength” is nonsense, and Star Wars would not have made us safe; there needed to be changes in the leadership of the Soviet Union, and it by chance happened to be Gorbachev. There are probably were a lot things he did I would not have agreed with, and his wife was very oblivious when it came to the women of the Soviet Union, flaunting her fashions, while they had nothing; but he did end the Cold War.

  10. Thanks to him the ussr ended and the Berlin Wall came down

    We people Of today has a lot to thank this man for the end of communism rule in the east.

    Rest in peace, your glasnost and perestroika made the breakup of the ussr possible and made Germany 🇩🇪 a United nation once again

    Rest in peace Michail Gorbatjov 🌸🌹 young people of today

    Learn about what this man did for all of us . Learn history

  11. “A politician thinks about the next election ; a statesman of the next generation !”
    – Thomas Jefferson.

    1. He really fucked up that, didn’t he? The years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union have not been kind to the former Eastern Block countries; the only ‘freedom’ that was achieved was the freedom of the Bourgeoise at the expense of the people; the rise of the oligarchs has been worse, not better.

    2. @No Heroes Publishing 🚫
      Let it be very loud and clear that my comment was meant for the channel operator, alone ; and certainly not for one’s foot soldiers and cronies !.Or does someone hold a brief for the channel operator ! Does it require someone’s prior permission to participate in its various programmes ! If so, I am quite oblivious of it ! Can someone take pains to share it with the viewers in this august forum itself for their knowledge and information anytime soon or in the immediiate future ! Is that understood ! Someone should better understand it !
      I do hereby challenge someone to master the necessary courage/guts to come out of the veil of secrecy behind the pseudonym and reveal one’s real face and true identity, without mincing any further word, and, without ever trying to dodge/deviate from giving a direct response ; and, share it with the viewers in this august forum itself for their knowledge and information anytime soon or in the immediiate future ; provided, ofcourse, someone is not otherwise a coward ! Is that understood ! Someone should better understand it !
      It seems – someone, who has lost the morale courage to speak directly, now finds it expedient to indulge in a soliloquy, instead ! How disgusting it looks !
      Infact, it’s the other way round ! It’s clarified once and for all that I don’t hold a brief for anyone and the least of all, a political party ! May someone hold it for others ! Someone, who uses to bark at the behest and bidding of one’s masters, for some gratification, in lieu of the services rendered, and has perfected this obnoxious art through practice over the years, finds one’s own reflection in everyone, whenever one ventures to look at others ! Someone might have seen one’s own image in the mirror, prior to writing this comment ! How farcical and hypocritical it looks !
      I often wonder – why does some people make a mockery of themselves by evolving stories out of nothing ! I very much pity someone’s stupidity and abysmally low level of intelligence, although one pretends to be so smart ! Even a person of average intelligence can very easily understand that similar questions merit similar responses !
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      How right was William Shakespeare in his assessment in saying – “Cowards die many times before their death ; but the valiants never taste of death but once !”
      . Last but never the least, this august forum is not meant for hurling abuses/filth/invectives at each other ; it’s not certainly meant for washing one’s dirty linens in public ! It lowers its level to that of a fish market and vitiates the ambience beyond redemption ! Is that understood ! Someone should better understand it !

    3. @Zu Su
      Running down political opponents for gaining political mileage against each other – irrespective of religion and political affiliation – is the rule of the game – called politics !

  12. Perfect that they ended with the last call being about how history will view him. On the whole, I believe it will be favorably

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