Hear what Nikki Haley said about Confederate history in 2010 interview

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley defended states' rights to secede from the United States, South Carolina's Confederate History Month and the Confederate flag in a 2010 interview with a local activist group that "fights attacks against Southern Culture." CNN's Andrew Kaczynski reports.
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    1. @Multisymptomrelief Wow you’re really moron enough to not understand what I meant by what I said and to take it literally. Typical Biden supporter.

  1. This is the best the Republicans can do these days? If Lincoln is looking down, he must be wondering what the hell happened to his party…. 🤨

    1. @Families matter – Oh and Narcissist Donnie is better? 😂 He don’t GAF about any of y’all!! But all that inbreeding has made y’all dumber than a stump!! I know I know ya gotta keep that blood pure, right!? 🤦😂🤣 Where do you think the first bi-racial kids were from? Uhhh duuuuhh SLAVERY! 😂🤣😂

    2. This is 13 years old. If we’re holding ppl to 13 year old statements then you’re going to be very disappointed in the party you vote for

    3. @Families matter “Said the party that gave us Joe Biden”

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      Jobless claims are the lowest since 1969.

      The U.S. economy grew by 6.9% in 2021, best since since 1984

      Unemployment rate of 3.4%; under Donald Trump, unemployment was 6.3%.

      Fed Chair Powell said economic growth needs to be slowed down.

      “Americans pockets are flush with cash”. “Americans have more money in their pockets today than any time in history”.- Fed Chair Powell

      Biden signed a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package that passed with 13
      Republicans who voted with the Democrats in favor of the bill.

      Biden put in place a $20 billion vaccination program to fight COVID. While 1% of the U.S.
      population was vaccinated when Biden came into office, 74% of Americans – 249 million
      Americans – have received at least one vaccine dose.

      Biden expanded access to affordable health care for five million Americans.

      Farmers are off of Trump welfare with more orders than they can fill.

      Manufacturing is roaring back. Trump had it at a decades low before COVID hit.

      Bipartisan Chips Act passed to bring semiconductor manufacturing back to America.

      Inflation reduction act.

      NATO is now stronger than ever.

      You are stupid, full stop.

    1. @Eduardo Oliveira Eddie if that is your real name and you are not a fat guy who cannot get satisfied by a pint of vodka get the vote out. They actually are going to criminalize being against open borders.

    2. @Eduardo Oliveira I am basically organizing his reelection but Trump is not a moron he is a billionaire. He played his cards at the right time.

    3. @Serena Kane

  2. The confederacy only lasted 5 years, the fact people try to make it out to be a culture or heritage is nonsense.
    There are various different southern cultures and heritages that can be celebrated and recognized, it’s actually insulting that people on the right reduce to that 5 year period and don’t care about anything else.

    1. @Tim othy Read the secession letters explaining why they were leaving. Slavery is why, not states rights.

      Also, you can think of states rights as right to go against the federal government. Northern states were exercising these rights by not returning escaped slaves under the fugitive slave law. The south wanted it enforced, so a better argument can be made that the confederacy was actually anti states rights.

    2. @Tim othy I’m so sick of states’ rights. I want to live in a country, not a collection of loosely connected fiefdoms and kingdoms.

  3. Slavery is usually racist because one group feels superior to another and decides that they are subhuman and therefore it’s acceptable to use them for labor or other immoral gratification. The Confederate States were openly committed to the institution of Slavery, insofar as they explicitly stated it in their Constitution. The flag is a symbol of the State, making it a symbol of racism to African-Americans whose ancestors were kidnapped and subjected to the inhumanity of that institution for several hundred years, along with other overtly racist hatreds.

    1. @E’Judah Israel No single living person in the United States has experienced that kind of treatment. Hell, nobody livings GRANDPARENTS experienced that kind of treatment.

    2. @Herlander Carvalho The vikings practiced slavery, the huns practiced slavery, the romans practiced slavery, the teutons practiced slavery, the celts practiced slavery, every native tribe in the americas practiced slavery, the mongols practiced slavery, the persians practiced slavery, the greeks practiced slavery. Must I go on?

    3. Kidnapped 😂. You mean criminals sold by their own people to over 75 countries around the world for manual labor. Slavery has nothing to do with race. Which is why every race has been enslaved at some point in time. Liberal logic would lead you to believe all slaves are black and all slave owners are white. Interesting you didn’t mention the first slave owner being black, Irish immigrants being enslaved, Chinese rail workers(slaves) etc

  4. Haley doesn’t actually believe in anything. She just goes with whatever a rich or influential supporter wants.

    1. @Hjc Ceril Now that is the most intelligent reply I have heard in quit a while. How long did it take you to come up with that one—ROFLMAO

    2. @Reaper That feeble olde man still 1000x better than The Caligula Conman. No kneeling in Helsinki to Putey for him. No bleach; no flushes. It must burn.

  5. I keep saying civics has to be taken in high school and mandatory for all politicians running for public office, especially when they all want to remind us of their rights, without knowing the constitution and to which right they speak of.

    1. Democrats need more candidates so they have they’re own people to pick on. Well never mind they voted for Biden.

  6. If you leave out that many southern states listed slavery as their reason for rebelling, if you look over the violence post civil war, ignore Jim Crowe, the. Yeah she’s right, but that’s a lot of “overlooking”.

    It suited her to kiss up to those who believe rebelling in the name of slaves is a tradition, just as it’s benefiting her to be all “look what I did! I took down the battle flag of the confederacy “. She doesn’t care, what ever stance helps her get elected she will take.

  7. Aren’t the Republicans supposed to be the ones _against_ the confederacy?
    Lincoln is like “what the hell, man??!!”

    1. That was in another age and another time when politicians had a little more integrity which was FAR more than now.

  8. It’s unbelievable that someone with her obvious Background would say something like she did,

    Their traditions hmmm,

    Aren’t those partly about suppressing certain people of colour and different cultures?

    And she’s trying to defend that?

    It’s disgusting

  9. It is so sad when Integrity takes a back seat to ambition. This appears to be the cornerstone of today’s Republican Party.

    1. You seriously going to pretend that isn’t 99% of politicians? Regardless of political affiliation. You can’t be that delusional.

  10. Most of the people I know who still show the flag really don’t know much about the background beyond location and simplified historic value leaning more towards legend and myth. In this particular demographic the confederacy has the same allure as a green shirt on St.Patrick’s Day or rabbits with colored eggs on Easter. They know it represents something larger, but they really don’t know what. Even simpler, it is a concert shirt of a band you only like for one or two songs. Like many things in America, we are given a choice to investigate further into whatever we do and why we do it, but as usual, most just take the subject or action at face value.

    1. Every body know about Pilgrims and Tidewater Aristocrats..but how many know the Origin Story of South Carolina? And Barbados

  11. She says what ever you want to hear, a second later she’ll say vice versa. Anything to get power and easy taxpayer pay check.

  12. She says what ever you want to hear, a second later she’ll say vice versa. Anything to get power and easy taxpayer pay check. ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

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