1. “We tested _[and found the chemicals]_ the levels are safe _[and although you’re exposed to dangerous chemicals]_ your health isn’t _[but might be]_ in danger.

    1. Isn’t it your own fault for not electing government with better regulations and cleaner environmental standards 🤔
      See how logic works, you should try it once in your life

    2. @Random Internet User somebody voted for Trump and his pro deregulation stuff. Following in the footsteps of Ronnie Reagan.

    3. @Lorrie According to politifact on Feb 15th they reported on this “However, this rule, if it had remained in effect, would not have applied to that Norfolk Southern train as it was not categorized as “high hazard” and imagine blaming Trump when it is well into Biden’s term and after passing a 1 trillion infrastructure bill he watched over 1,000 trains derail in 2022 “BUT BUT TRUMP” 😂

    4. @Derek HILL So it’s not a problem that he reversed it? He is still horrible for reversing it and putting people at risk of this happening.

  2. Years to come the three eyed fish will be sometning to see . Peace and healing to all affected by the railroads incompetents.

  3. When do we EVER hear someone speak like this and NOT find out later that they were either lying or wrong? Hasn’t happened in modern history, no reason to think it’s happening now. Only when enough people get sick and die will the truth come out and the MOST we’ll ever hear is: “we were wrong”.

    1. This is why he said to seek medical attention so that if their is chem in people blood. He can have more ammunition legally to get help for these people who might be poisoned

  4. Dude needs to have every well in the area of the spill. Then bill the company. You can’t just put in on the company without being forced every step of the way

  5. Testing can be spotty, and the state agencies are often notoriously in bed with conservative corporations that do the polluting and lobby state and federal governments to lower environmental protections and safety rules. Citizens must protect themselves and keep good records of the problems and steps taken to avoid the pollutants, as well as costs. It is also critical to get organized to learn legal options and address the problem. Take advantage of state and regional environmental and consumer orgsnizstion support.

  6. One photo opportunity glass of water while the locals drink and bathe daily. Those residence need to sue the government for enabling safety shortcuts. The population needs rehousing until clean.

    1. So, you want them to sue us (the people of the US) instead of the corporation that was at fault? You must be a CEO.

  7. When a government official tells you to seek help “at a local level”, get the hell outta there. He also insinuated that people’s symptoms were the result of trauma. Then backpedaled and said he wasn’t second guessing anyone. And what about long term effects.

    1. First, government agencies (in all countries) are notorious for downplaying human suffering and corporation wrongdoing. Second, I think what the EPA representative said is pragmatic. If someone is experiencing negative health symptoms, they should absolutely seek medical assistance—and the EPA has made medical care available to members of the community.

      Not only does seeking medical attention allow a person to be treated as necessary, their health symptoms can become part of the EPA’s fact finding. If the EPA doesn’t know what’s happening, they don’t have the opportunity to help.

  8. Why should the government pay for the negligence of a private company?… and how is the federal government getting the blame for this BS.

  9. Ongoing testing of air and water should be paid for by Norfolk Southern. Independent specialist doctors should be empaneled to set a baseline now for all residents and keep a running study for as long as it takes. Warren Buffet owns a large portion of NS. He alone can afford to completely relocate the entire town.

  10. The EPA’s “Adverse Health Levels” and the reality of how little toxicity it takes to affect the human body are existing in two different realities.

    1. Polychlorinated dibenzofurans – no safe dose : 1 in a quadrillion contamination caused birth defects, cancer, premature death

    1. Not really. Soil is good at absorbing well all types of liquid. I gather many of you did not pay attention in any science classes

  11. I think we are all just angry that they did damage and that this should feel like a shape shifting moment to the entire train industry that forces all trains to be fully updated and better supervised

  12. The head of the EPA neglected to mention that railroad right-of-ways are exempt from EPA regulations and spill clean ups.
    These exemptions go back to the eighteen-hundreds and in some areas incompass 250 feet either side of the center line of the railroad line.
    So if you walk across it and the bottom of your shoes don’t melt it’s okay don’t worry be happy 😊

    1. EPA #1 responsibility in chemical spill – CONTAIN THE SPILL. EPA shows up and breaches railcars igniting causing a black mushroom cloud of toxicity spreading billions of toxic particles in the atmosphere, soil and waterways killing fish, wildlife and livestock.

  13. Why is the epa the only ones saying everything is fine. I trust our local professionals who are experts and say there is a problem and the government does not have enough info to say things are safe.

  14. I saw the hesitation when 2 of them were going to drink that water. He sees them, but we saw him too. One sip, that was it. Only the 3rd guy wasn’t afraid.

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