Train transporting Biden in Ukraine now dubbed ‘Rail Force One’

CNN's Kaitlan Collins speaks with CEO of Ukrainian Railways Alexander Kamyshin after President Joe Biden's historic trip to meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv. The visit comes almost one year since Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Kamyshin shares the behind-the-scenes efforts in ensuring the safety of President Biden.
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  1. He apologized for only 90% on time while delivering the most politically important person on the planet out of a war zone . Meanwhile, where is Norfolk Southern’s CEO?

    1. @bngr bngrwhat do you need Biden for exactly in Ohio? To look at some derailed train while acting concerned for the camera? That’s what you have trump for.

    2. That was about the thorniest apology in history. Sorry for the delay; a murderous dictator wandered onto the tracks and we had to shoo him away.

    3. @blind8686 Biden needs to go to Ohio to see the residents. Trump has nothing to do with the Biden Administration. He went on his own as a concerned citizen.

    4. @bngr bngr Do you really think a bilionaire cares about the average American? He visited because he knew it would be good publicity. His job is to attain more money and more power like almost every other billionaire.

  2. Mr Joe Biden really surprised me… A president with “balls”!!!… travelling with a train for 10 hours from Poland, into a war zone, no fighter escort, I guess, he has a strong security, but in a war, you never know, what happens, cruise missile, sabotage, it was a high risk travelling, Mr Biden gained my huge respect, unlike Trump, who only talked s#it(sorry Americans,my impression of him, talking about himself and billions and billions and billions;)), and never actually did anything… Sláva USA 🇺🇲 from Czech Republic 🇨🇿

    1. Demented biden is destroying America. If Trump were in the White House there would have been no invasion, no botched Afghanistan pullout, no open borders, no thousands of fentanyl deaths, and we would still be energy independent. biden is the worse president in history.

  3. Hey I remember seeing Alexander on the David Letterman/Zelenskyy interview. Cool he’s getting recognition for all his work.

  4. Fantastic!! This guy and his colleagues are heroes in my book. Thanks for your service and for making this visit possible.!!

  5. Greetings from America. Great work CEO Kamyshin on your trains. It’s awesome seeing Ukrainian’s helping protect there country.

  6. I’m thinking Pres Biden enjoyed the rail trip. He’s a big *rail-fan* anyhow.

    Any trip by rail is a great experience, and a wonderful way to see the countryside, but this one was most memorable.

  7. Thank you Alexander and your team. Thank you for transporting our President and delegation safely. Thank you for the honor “Rail Force One” even during all the strife of putin’s war, you all keep your sense of humor. Thank you. We love and honor our President; like you all love and honor your President.

    Great interview Kaitlyn.

  8. You have to admire the Ukrainian spirit: Sorry we were only 90% “on-time” today (even if there is a war on), we had a VIP to cater for – and they pulled it off with flying colors!

  9. That really is incredible that, during war time, they are able to keep their trains moving. TrainForceOne – Well earned title!!!!

  10. What a proud moment in time for the Ukrainian railway to bring president Biden, this was definitely a historical moment for both countries.

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