1. Pence just wants to make things sound better because he wants to run for office in 2024. He doesn’t want to have to deal with that stigma. Hes not fooling me at all.

    1. This is sad and disturbing. Old pale men so willing to lie…to keep power. May God have mercy on us all.

    1. @Chris Albert you don’t have to share a common reality to understand a fellow human being. Just need to have a little bit empathy. Americans have been bred to be selfish and self centered. That’s at the core of the problem IMO.

    2. @Drumer16 XVI “And the fact that it excites you is the only reason why you believe such nonsense !”

      I think they are strong on sarcasm, at least I hope so!

    3. Evagicals they believe by words spoken but not in their hearts or minds Christ cried carrying that cross and nailed to it. Hanging would of been quick an merciless. None care but Mother

  2. In between hugging and kissing the capital police the rioters were chanting “Hang Mike Pence”. But that’s ok with Pence, he and Trump just don’t see eye to eye.

    1. @Bill Rodriguez there you are my little keyboard warrior. I thank you for division and hatefulness, go now and spread your hate and lies everywhere on the internet. Don’t forget to check the desk of Donald…..oh wait that closed down.

    2. @Bill Rodriguez has said his base were uneducated, low class. He also has told them, “I love the uneducated!” (So easily duped!)

    3. Alexander Clyde did not even offer to be a tour guide for the tourists that Clyde said they were.

      Clyde was barricading a door.

    1. @Johnathan Doehead Right. For Trump to express his hatred to a “woke” nation (and gain acceptance) is far more dangerous.

    2. @Kristina McDonald You most definitely young for Truth bearer, that knows Historical fact. Your just getting started! Continue to Awesome! However be Brave! Honesty and Truth has developed in You! Use it you’ve been Gifted exactly for times like these
      Bless You

    3. @Lydia Pinkham I think both sides have issues with being paid off by major corporate greed while doing negative things that benefit their own bank accounts. I just hope most people are open enough to see that their entire party isn’t as special as they think. I try to vote for the man, not the party they represent. I wasn’t trying to call out Democrats per say, but rather shining a light on the ignorant hypocrisy I see in this comment section.

    4. @CodeBlue I’ve never seen a Nazi flag being held by anyone I voted for or supported. When you delve into history, you will see that conservative presidents have done a far better job at running this country, staying out of foreign lands, and not creating unnecessary wars. You don’t have to take my word for it, read up on each President in our history and what they have done/haven’t done. Then go take a trip to Mt. Rushmore and Washington DC! I don’t see many monuments for progressive Presidents. There is a reason for that! If you have time read up on industrial complexes like the prison, military, education, healthcare, and any other industry our taxes are sucked up for. See who is benefitting from government contracts and who they help get into office. It’s an eye opener.

    5. @Globe Trotting Hitler’s party was never “Socialist” in any sense. It arose from the – Freikorps, and later included “Socialist” and “Worker’s” in the full name to lure people from the growing working class movements – which were communist, socialist or anarchist. *You probably know this and just trolling Dems for fun, but it needs correcting.* Edited – bold text.

  3. They were chanting “hang Mike Pence.” I can only imagine what they would have done to him had they found him. Sh!t.

    1. That was Antifa shouting that. But they were instructed to not hurt any members of the House and Senate. So he was never in danger.

    2. I know. “Hang Mike Pence” is completely inconsistent with the gallows they had prepared. wtf.

    3. That’s all you’re going to do… Imagine it. Because it never happened. So assuming it’s only going to make something out of you and me…

    1. Andrew~I did too and I was watching it from the rally before (gag) and those devisive speeches inciting the riot, to the first small scattered group of people heading toward the Capitol to the sudden massive crowds g as the ring. To the Senator opening the back door. I cancelled my clients, and watched it horror. And I kept waiting, with increasing fear of what was coming. I did not miss a breath. My idea of rapid response agrees with yours. WTF

    2. Apparently we blinked and missed how swift it was . Most politicians tend to be liars on a certain level…but republicans…too many of them live in an alternate reality

  4. It is a waste of time trying to appeal to the morals of a bunch of men that obviously do not have any morals. Do what must be done without them!!! You think they would give the Democrats as much consideration if the roles were reversed?

    1. Hope you’re safe and doing well in these uncertain days and how’s your health and weather today?

    2. The roles are reversed! Biden is a joke and a fake president. Biden should be under investigation for crimes.

  5. Would someone please say, “They don’t want to lose their jobs. They will risk the country’s health so they don’t have to find another job.”

  6. Pence’s neck was literally on the line on that day. He should perhaps feel lucky to be around today to even speak about this.

    1. If I had an ounce of dignity and self-respect, I would make it one of my life’s priority to hold the person who endangered me and my family accountable. But self respect seems to be a trait not present in many Republican politicians. When you think about how they’ve been demeaned by 45, how they’re hostage to his fickle whims and emotions, I’m surprised they’re not angrier. Instead they embrace helplessness and continue to let the specter of that orange despot haunt them. Sad.. and pathetic.

    2. @Shujinko_ Not only his neck but his family was at that event as well. Trump knew it and still put them at risk or didn’t care.

    3. @Shujinko_ whose death and murder do anti-tRumpers want?

      Anti- tRumpers want to see narciissitic tRump in an orange suit locked up in solitary with a gag on his mouth. Thats all.

    4. @Chris Albert that would be Nancy PELOSI. The attack on the Capitol was antifa. It was on their website for several days in advance. The security staff asked Nancy MULTIPLE TIMES if she wanted extra SECURITY for Jan 6th. Each time she said no. She actually said it wouldn’t be good for optics! Trump told everyone to go home be PEACEFUL. If you’re going to the Capitol be peaceful we don’t want anyone to get hurt. Go listen to his speech in ENTIRETY. CNN actually played it live as he spoke and even complemented what he said in the end cuz it was live and there was nothing bad to say. I thought the guy was gonna choke on his words. I’m not sure how this video came up on my phone cuz I stepped away. I don’t watch fake news but evidently you do. Sorry but you don’t know even one fact. You’ve never listened to an entire speech of Trump’s, bet you think what shifty SCHIFF said while he waved a piece of paper in the air fake reading like an old Saturday night live skit, I’ll lay money on it you never read the actual TRANSCRIPT and BELIEVE that compulsive liar Schiff. I read it the day before his performance in front of the world and was jaw dropped. They never expected him to release the transcript and it was a big nothingburger! But they kept lying and people like yourself who only watch tv GLOBALIST CONTROLLED MEDIA believe the BRAINWASHING! Go look up some original source info. YOU don’t have a clue as to any of the hundreds of great things TRUMP did for our country AND THE WORLD! HE WAS A GLOBAL PEACEKEEPER AND NO WAR FOR THE FIRST TIME IN DECADES! AMAZING AT INTERNATIONAL TRADE DEALS. HE GOT MEXICO TO GUARD OUR SOUTHERN BORDER ON THEIR SIDE. THEY HAD A WRITTEN AGREEMENT AND BIDEN CANCELLED IT IN DAY ONE AND LOOK WHAT’S HAPPENING TO OUR COUNTRY. CHILD TRAFFICKING, DRUG CARTELS, LET THEM ALL IN. OVER 2 MILLION PEOPLE SO FAR! These people lie and it’s disgraceful, disgusting and pure EVIL! WHY? CUZ THEY ARE ALL IN CHINA’$ POCKET! BIDEN’$ SON WORKS FOR THEM. HE TOOK HIS CUT AS WELL. THEY ARE ALL CONNECTED TO CHINA. LOOK UP THE NAMES OF THE OFFICIALS…THEY WANNA NUKE US!!! DO U THINK THE CURRENT DUDE IS DOING A GOOD JOB? IF YOU SAY YES THAT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF.GO LOOK UP ORIGINAL SOURCE INFO. YOU MISSED THE GREATEST PRESIDENT THIS COUNTRY HAS EVER HAD. THESE PEOPLE ON TV ARE RUN BY GLOBALISTS AND ARE BRAINWASHING THE PUBLIC CUZ TRUMP IS NOT ON BOARD WITH THE NEW WORLD ORDER. ALL THESE OTHER PEOPLE ARE BRINGING US TO COMMUNISM. QUICKLY. THEY ARE DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY IN RECORD TIME. DISGUSTING. WAKE UP DUDE BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

    1. @Corey Wilson The bleach. They probably injected with bleach. That or some serious mind altering kool aid.

    2. @QemeH Very accurate description – I see you’ve done your homework. You didn’t mention Christopher Miller….who #45 appointed on Nov 4 after firing the other guy (forget name). This is right after #45 realized he lost election…putting together his scheme to attack the Congress on the day of Biden confirmation.
      It was all planned very early on!

    3. And it was upto him to reinstate it.Dump literally hung him out to dry with so many others.

    4. @Scahoni 6 capitol cops were suspended and 35 are under investigation for
      “letting them in the door”

  7. Mike Pence… ” _The Lights are on, but there’s nobody home_ ” He’s definitely out to lunch…

    1. If someone were to check his pants, they would probably find his family jewels missing too.

  8. Pence does not deserve “credit” for simply doing the job he was elected to do. Pence has never come out and called Jan. 6th for what it actually was. What a joke.

    1. You’re right. We don’t know who all invaded the Capitol, if bugs were planted, if serious breaches of classified information compromised national security. There were thousands who broke the law and only about 400 who were arrested and who will do time for their part in the mob violence which cost lives and bodily injury.

  9. Not enough money for me to ever vote for him. Terrible when a human being has to live a lie 24/7.

  10. Isn’t he just adorable, thinking he has a political future. Everyone on the right knows he turned his back on Trump. Everyone in the middle knows he abandoned all his self-proclaimed ideals for the Vice Presidency in the first place. And everyone on the left remembers that in four years he was given exactly one job, to head the Covid Task Force, and that it went so poorly that it cost Trump the election.

    1. Lol yeah, the task force is what cost him the election. More like the president suggesting injecting lysol or bleach to “disinfect” our inside and being a general threat to the constitution for four years. Get real.

  11. Not just donnie is crazy, his cult that believes every word he says is also nuts.
    We need some serious mental health in this country.

    1. If they had killed Pence the Republicans would have denied they had anything to with him dying.

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