Arizona Secretary of State on audit: This whole thing is a joke 1

Arizona Secretary of State on audit: This whole thing is a joke


A summary report from Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs' office details a slew of security problems with the state's audit of its 2020 election results. CNN's Kyung Lah reports.

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  1. “Stop crying she lost snowflake” how many times did they say that? They are setting up for 2024. It has nothing to do with this past election. They are going to take their “steal”plan to the next level.

    1. @Mario N. You see Mario, we’ve endured state, federal and Supreme court rulings, unclaimed $1M rewards, 2 incompetent clowns, posing as lawyers, spewing election fraud nonsense, a host of shills doing the same, recounts and audits and an assault on Congress, to name few.
      Frankly, we’re more worried about your mental health than finding evidence of fraud

    2. @Andrew Warther someone doesn’t know why the electoral college is necessary, so trump was never legitimate but now you want trump supporters to legitimize Biden? Nah. Trump supporters should feel the same way “he’s not my president”…

    3. @Cole World We dont need trumps cult to “legitimize” biden, biden won by 8 million votes, Hillary won by 3. They in fact are or should have been your presidents, trump never was legitimate, and the damage he caused will haunt us for generations.

      The electoral collage is a hold over system from slavery, invented so the far more populated north couldn’t dictate to the rabble down south that they couldn’t own humans.

      Its a archaic system that allows a minority to get its way against the clear wishes of the majority of the population. A abhorrent absurd mockery of democracy. It will be reckoned with one day, but until then, i can at least mock the right for clinging to it. ( not shocking that they do, sense they cant actually win democratically anymore)

    4. @Andrew Warther it’s not archaic and it’s not going anywhere. The dems had to restructure the entire voting system in various states in the last weeks and recruit all of big tech, Hollywood and the msm to barely ink out a win with 40k votes. Pathetic. Trump got more black and brown votes his second time around, the dems keep losing the black and brown vote and they’ll never be elected again. Look at the bs they haven’t fixed in the border. They’re slipping and it’s time to take over.

    5. @Cole World lol, 8 million more is 40k? only in the electoral collage. Btw the repubs did the exact same thing as far as “restructuring” go’s And no, the % of minorities did NOT grow if you actually look at the numbers, just overall voter participation on both sides.

      No the shrinking party by far is the republican. Aging out and being demographically replaced. The future is blue, your denial is cute, but not founded in reality love.

      We wont tolerate minority rule forever, and the republican base isnt growing anytime soon.

  2. I hope John wins next year because the senate needs him more than anyone else from Pennsylvania.

  3. One thing that isn’t being said but is completely obvious. This is about power, & one political party trying to permanently secure said power for themselves, without regard for what the people want or say.

    1. Hobbs has been proven not to have certified the ballot counting machines before the election.
      Now she is crying. She isn’t the only one crying.

    2. They actually think, that anybody gives a shaite about the so-called audit in Arizona. Nobody sane cares, what they come up with. If they end up saying Trump got all 100% of the votes – IT DOESN’T MATTER! The election has been certified and nothing and nobody can overturn it.
      All that will come of it is more head shaking and eye rolling.
      The Arizona “audit” is low a IQ clown show for low IQ clowns. Nothing more.

    3. @Chris Nelson we already know the truth, there have been several recounts already. Your boy lost, get over it.

    4. @H.Bedlam yes “Fortification of the election” by democrats and business interests never happened

  4. GOP: “We need to move on from the 1/6 insurrection.”

    Also the GOP: “We need to continue to recount & audit the 2020 election ballots!”

    1. @pkssculpting – yes, l know it’s cyber ninjas. It’s a subtle jab that it’s not reputable business, especially for this task as they have never done an election ballot audit.

      I checked their website, ballot audits is not one of their listed services. You wouldn’t hire a dentist to do your taxes.

    2. @sleeping wolf trump IS a white supremacist. he had the chance to denounce them at the debate and he couldn’t do it… because he knows they love him and that he needs their votes. meanwhile, the racists in this nation HATE joe biden. so what you’ve written makes no sense. hey, at least you’re consistent.

    3. @CCJJ160Channels well good thing they aren’t the ones counting the ballots that was being done by Wake TSI. the Cyber Ninjas are looking at the machines since that is their profession.. that’s what a forensic audit is not just a recount.. this is not that difficult.. Wake TSI had a contract that ended and now another audit company has taken their place.. so yes we agree

  5. Didn’t everyone say Trump was a joke when he announced his candidacy for president? This is not a joke. This is a GOP slow coup (Bill Maher’s term.)

  6. As a European, I’m beginning to have second thoughts about Cheeto’s border wall… US seems to be turning into a mental institution.

    1. @Mario N. ya pathetic,he could never talk with out the printer,and then he whines when Biden has used it less than the DICTATOR

    2. @Keith Allen I’m a bit busy right now, delivering a baby, your self importance is staggering

    3. @Shauna Marie They are “European ppl” like alligators are geckoes, or Raptors are Song birds or sewer rats are hamsters.
      Those descended from the dregs of European Nations who stole an entire continent from its rightful inhabitants are no more European than The Drumpf is a good husband and father, than Pence has a Moral Conscience or McConnell has a Soul!

    4. @Hayley King And yet you have time to point out my “self importance”, without any attempt at answering my post. But you’re the one delivering a baby right? I’m just posting a comment to your claims…

      Your self projection is staggering, LOL… Try again, but this time why don’t you show us those PRIMARY SOURCES, you know? The stuff you get your claims from?

  7. None of them people look like they actually know what they or eachother are doing, “The blind leading the blind”

    1. @Stock Trader You’re making the assumption that I was drawing my conclusion solely on CNN reports. A mistake on your part

    2. there is a reason for that. The only people there who have a clue as to what is going on have pink shirts on

  8. This “audit” will end when they totally destroyed what possibly can be destroyed. Please check your registration before going to vote the next time, for saving democracy it might be necessary!

  9. The GOP can’t even toss out a petty despot from the midst. You think they can defend the Constitution? Your rights? Your lives? (see Texas)

  10. Republicans: Ok so here’s the deal. Our assholes are still a bit sore from November but we really want to come back from that and make ourselves look good. So what experience do you have in election audits.

    Cyber Ninjas: Well, none really. However our name is Cyber Ninjas.

    Republicans: Ok, you’re hired.

  11. This whole thing is a joke?…Half of America is a joke. Unbelievable how this is even aloud or tolerated. Well…Rome was very powerful also and look how they ended up.

  12. You mean to tell me a clown show put on half a year after the fact by someone who was at the insurrection and is clearly bias to trump ISNT going to be legitimate?! YOU DONT SAY!

    God above the right has lost its mind. Guess losing to a black man truly drove them nuts xp.

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