1. Imagine going to work knowing that the people you are meant to keep safe have zero f’s to give back.

    1. @Free speech Is dead De Nile isn’t just river in Egypt Einstein. It was a willfully politically ignorant narrative or just plain stupid. “I’m patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it.” -Edith Sitwell Yer mother’s basement is your safe place.

    2. @Free speech Is dead Trump himself was a democrat for 40 years, he was Republican voter less often, sometimes independent. I have read an old interview and I can find the link if you want it, in which he says he feels more a democrat, the economy seemed to be better under democrats. He just really hated Obama became president I think. He run for president, never said he would ever accept to lose. Roger Stone had the stop the steal chant ready already in 2016.
      He gave his daughter to a democrat, Kushner was democrat until 2015.
      He became president and made the democrats enemies. He left a divided country. He even denied democrat run cities ventilators to show they are inferior. Republican run cities received more ventilators, they should become the corona hotspots later. Kushner said Cuomo should have rang the phone more. They received not enough help, a president of the republican cities.

    3. Don’t blame retrumplicans for behaving like retrumplicans. Blame the people who vote for this freak bastards.

  2. Swearing to defend the country from enemy both foreign and domestic……does that mean you can arrest R congress based on being a threat to America?

    1. @Lisa Allthesame Pres.Trumps fast responce and his vaccine saved millions even tho the Democrats fought him every step of the way and actually aided China in their cover up.

    2. @David Eby how did he respond fast? He said that Covid was like the flu and we would be back to normal by Easter and he refused to wear a mask…. really?!!! Trump killed millions with his rhetoric bullshit..

    3. @David Eby because they hurt your feelings…. get some logic. Your destroying your grand kid’s future inhabiting this planet.

    4. @Lisa Allthesame The Trump vaccine saved millions. Vegetable joe promised to shut it down and since he took office 200,000 Americans have died.And HE had a plan!!!!! Hahahahaha Guess his plan was to use the Trump vaccine and create record inflation,throw record numbers of kids into cages,have $3.00 gas for the first time since 2014 when he was VP Hmmm? You voted for this jerk who covers for China and let his Daddy Putin shove him around. The world is laughing at veggie Boi and you.

  3. The Congress owes an explanation to this Sargent and his colleagues for its lack of courage in confronting what they went through on Jan 6. Not all people join law enforcement for honorable reasons, but when they do and do their jobs properly and justly, they deserve support. This man seems traumatized, but part of the Congress is shrugging and saying “Oh well.”

    1. Sorry accidently hit send . While I am pro law enforcement , I supported the right of the BLM supporters “peacefully to assemble , and to petition the government for a redress of grievances” .The moment violence/or destruction occurs they lost that right and I don’t care what happened to them . And any damage to live or property becomes the responsibility of the cause represented . The burning of the federal building was mindless immature, useless violence which wished to effect change through terror Hence “terrorism”. The violent assault on the Capital was knuckle-dragging mouth-breathing , failed violence which wished to stop the certification of Joseph Biden and continue the term of the President who recently loss the electoral college President Trump hence “Insurrection”. And i believe only 2 firearms ( a Tavor and a Glock” were found in proximity ) however a 6 foot spear, multiple clubs, tasers and bear spray are weapons.

    2. @II nosferatu II I work with a lot of cops and have supported law enforcement causes i Find the mix 33% Democrat % 66 % republican (More or less ) however they are 100% against the assault on the Capital.

    3. @Draka Dog then why did virtually every police precinct support Trump? My cousin is a cop and I asked him how many cops he works with support Biden and he interrupted me before I could finish my sentence. He said literally no cops he works with support democrats. He said they laugh at how democrats are using January 6th as a political weapon. They’re not stupid. They know where democrats stand with the police. This fake outrage over January 6th only fools liberals. If it was BLM that attacked the capitol, the media wouldn’t even be talking about it..

    4. @II nosferatu II Please send proof that virtually every Police precinct supported President Trump and more so after the attempted Insurrection of January 6 . I have noticed more police officers who support and are supporting the Bravery of the capitol Police force many of which may have voted for President Trump but put Duty first . Thank God all the Law Enforcement I know put their duty to the public first and politics last . How many officers have publicly supported the rioters /insurrections mob’s actions on that day? Those that were part of the mob that day should have have their day in court and if found guilty be punished to the full extent of the law. And that’s what most officers swore they would do .

    5. @Draka Dog you can go look it up. They make their support public. Biden had literally no police support for his election. Also. The capitol rioters were like what? A couple thousand people who rioted for a couple hours? You think that eclipses the 6 month long period we had over the summer where democrats supported domestic terrorists over our police force? You think the police forgot about that? All the calls by democrats to defund them and take the side of blm and antifa rioters over the police? You think they forgot about that? Most police officers don’t watch msnbc or cnn. So they’re way more informed than you.. I know many police officers personally. You know zero..

  4. God bless this man. A true warrior and American.. I’m so sorry that My country is sick and full of lies

    1. @leonardo ramirez he was defending democracy, not “liberal views”. and the woman you mention was part of an angry violent mob that was trying to get through to their hated goverment officials. gotta work with facts if you want results, leonardo. your hate needs to come down a couple of notches, in my humble opinion. try respect for others that may have different views than you do. just a suggestion, not an order from someone that thinks they are better than you.

    2. @II nosferatu II I’ve heard BLM police fatalities cited. How many cops were murdered by BLM? What were their names? I see that officers Aubrey Graham and Robinson Desroches were injured in Louisville KY; however, while trying to substantiate this point, I’m unable to find more information.

    3. @Lisa R at least 2 dozen people were killed including 2 children and 10 police officers during the blm riots. The only reason some of the police deaths aren’t official yet is because they may have been a block or 2 away from the riots. Though if you watched the videos which I have, it’s clear as day they were related. I saw one cop shot in the head, an off duty cop shot in the head, I saw a video of a black cop being ran over. Just because they weren’t killed in the heart of the riot, doesn’t mean these rioters weren’t destroying things a block away. The videos are clear and they show it.

    4. @Scooter 21 , let me ask you something, were the police officers defending the federal court house in portland last summer defending democracy??? you know the one that antifa was actively trying to burn down while people were inside , were they defending democracy??

    5. @leonardo ramirez yes, no difference, leonoardo. those officers were defending government property and nobody should have been trying to burn it down. those on the right try to pin all that on the BLM movement but it doesn’t really work like that. BLM doesn’t support arson and crimes against government officials. And you shouldn’t defend crimes by right wing agitators either, but it would appear that you do by not condemning them.

  5. Thank you Don Lemon…..you are so empathic….you helped the Sargeant….he needed to be heard…God Bless him and his family. Bless you too, Don Lemon.

  6. I keep hearing how the senate don’t want this investigated. How come local police, and D.C. Capitol police, can’t do their own murder investigations? They’re the police! Bust their asses!

    1. Capitol police don’t have the authority to issue subpoenas and require witnesses to testify under oath. Only congress has that power.

  7. How can the GOP live with themselves? This man was hired to protect everyone irrespective of Party. Stay strong Sergeant & Thank you!

    1. @u2mister1 Ruby right it should have Bern a slaughter. If id been there the first time I got hit the guns coming out.

    2. @Rolando Mota this is the reason Trump keeps playing the same story, so he can keep idiots sending money

    3. @Frank R an Blue Live Matters to the GOP, but not so much when they are Capitol Policeman getting attack by GOP anarchist, right? No to smart of your part to go there. I forgot , you are a Trumpist

  8. Hopefully the boys in blue around the United States, see what these brave men have to say, and know that the republican party is not on their side.

    1. J F a : Sadly, many see what their orange pindick and propaganda machine tells them to see.

  9. So sue them all. Why don’t you sue all those betrayed and dirty treasons? Drag them to jail!

  10. Somebody needs to talk to these Capitol Police officers on a podcast and let them speak their mind in a format where they can explain the experience to the rest of the nation. This was a good interview but we are dealing with Commercial interruptions and the host is (understandably) on a time line. I feel that we are missing a lot.
    Edit: immediately to correct sentence structure,

    1. Imagine: An insurrection in which the most heavily armed civilian population on the planet didn’t fire a shot.

      An insurrection where the police confiscated zero firearms from the so-called insurrectionists.

      An insurrection where the only person shot was an unarmed woman.

      If burning,-looting, and murdering, and un-ironically throwing up an ARMED border around part of an American city and declaring independence isn’t an insurrection, then neither was January 6th.

  11. Only an absolute fool and sorry excuse for a human being would consider the event’s of January 6th to be anything besides a sore loser insurrection

    1. So considering there has been no charges of insurection filed on anyone.

      Does that mean you’d consider all who are involved with the prosecution fools?

      Personally I’d consider any so-called news organization that continue with the “insurection” narrative the fools for not understanding none are being charged with it……..

    2. @Larry Paul There are hundreds of very serious charges for many members of the mob, Larry. You can play games if you want, but you can’t expect people that saw what happened on 1/6 to play with you. They’ve got too much respect for our democracy and the people that are charged with defending it.

    1. If the rubber hits the road again, the outcome will be totally different…with the entire world watching. To think that the jokers living in trump’s fantasy that he’ll be reinstated will make his fantasy reality is beyond insanity. It’s rabid pack mentality and all it will bring is staggering numbers of dead bodies and swift retaliation that is permanent. trump exhorted his followers to fight and what did he get? About as much fight as a 5 time draft dodger. Democracy may be under attack, but those of us who have defended it through the years know one thing: fascism has always, ALWAYS failed. I stand for democracy.

  12. slowly everybody involved in the insurrection attack will go to jail (including trump and his cronies)

  13. The whole country knows you and your fellow officers acquitted yourselves well on that day. Those politicians who aided in the insurrection and went on to deny it happened, are the worst of scum and will get theirs.

  14. This is so painful to watch. I feel so much for this man. It’s so obvious that Jan 6th has changed this man for the rest of his life. He’s not the same person.

    1. He is America, HE is an Immigrant that came here and made himself a better life and 100% supported the love of the country and the love of democracy.. HE is who we must all be. If we are we can push and pull these Right Wing trash apart piece by piece!

  15. The mother of Officer Sicknick couldn’t make GOP Senators do the right thing so a police officer certainly won’t matter. Republicans are on the Fascism Express and no amount of truth or morality is going to get in their way.

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