Hear what Russia had to say about US drone that crashed

Anatoly Antonov, the Russian Ambassador to the US, said that Russia does not want “confrontation” with the US but "as we see it, American aircraft have no business being near the Russian border." #CNN #News


  1. Oh brother, “we didn’t do it, but it’s the USA’s fault for having a drone in the Black Sea air space.” Ok, sure

  2. Now everyone wants a new Top Gun movie, involving Chinese spy balloons, Russian jets dumping fuel on US drones, and US intercepting Chinese fighter jets in the S. China Sea.

  3. Well this is great news, Russia has set a precedent for downing Russian aircraft over international waters.

    1. Planes have been shot down over intranational waters for decades. Just because this is the first time you’ve head of it doesn’t means it set a precedent.

  4. According to information relayed from PENTAGON an unidentified hypersonic shovel traveling at 8.5 MACHs rammed the drone into the BLACK SEA.

    1. @mile_high_topher >>> Not really. “Spooky action at a distance.” (Einstein), Or Schrodinger’s Cat, T.O.E.’s, String Theory, many Worlds view, Inter-dimensional universes, Boson-Higgs, Sub-atmospheric Micro-Singularities, Etc Etc.

    2. >>>> Hey Clark Jackson >>>>> This isn’t Funny! Not at all Funny, a Shovel??? It was obviously a Washing Machine at Mach 6.02×10^23 !! Get Real!

    3. @AT So?

      In accordance with INTERNATIONAL Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC), any spy aircraft is fair game.

  5. I got a bad feeling. Escalation ? this whole damn thing has done nothing but escelate since the reds started their tank engines a year ago+.

    1. armed drones are not allowed there only ships ,,,,evidence under the Montreux Convention of 1936 so usa violated sending an armed drone

    1. @Sina Bagheri Sarvestani drone top speed 250
      Su-27 top speed 1500+

      will you still claim that this incident was a race?

      only a fool

    2. Hats off to MI for taking a XXX story and turning it into a PG without losing or changing the story. Not an easy job these days.

  6. Russia’s Air Force is so frustrated in Ukraine, they’ve resorted to picking off drones in the Black Sea.

    1. @TheDrAstrov Wow thats a very good arguement, I hope you did not overstretch you brain comming up with that !!

  7. Russian subs are around and near both west and east coasts. We don’t do anything but follow them. It’s international waters.

    1. @Sky22 Odd to deny everything, still. The jet clearly hit it on purpose. It makes them ‘official statements’ hollow, like oh so many before…

    2. reminds me of that dude saying the US would get pounded, as tanks were clearly approaching him on the background. Everything for the narrative.

    1. The next time a Russian jet refueles on top of a US drone, it had better keep in mind that the drone can be equipped to take the Russian jet down.
      Ooops ! Keep THAT in mind, Vlad !!!!!

    1. ​@Nick Phillips ashamed that your banks endorsed devaluing your money? You should be angry at them, not him. Hes just pointing out how foolish the bet was in the first place…

    2. @Operator 9 Hiya Op. Forgive me. I’m an old pensioner in the United States of England with a slightly distorted view of the world. I certainly meant no offense to the contributor, and the observation was well noted. We in our country have a slight problem. No Fucking Leadership! Sorry. Had to get that off my chest. Look. Thanks for the input, and I wish you well. Keep safe. Nick the crappy bass player. 🎸

    3. @Nick Phillips i think we’re all in that same boat these days here in the west in general. Good luck out there tho…

  8. The same games are likely being played underwater with nuclear submarines.
    That’s something to really worry about.

    1. @Operator 9
      There will be Russian and likely Chinese nuclear powered subs off both American coasts.
      They are always there, and so are the US hunter killer subs, shadowing them, with standing orders to stop them from launching if they try. Both sides play this cat and mouse game, and collisions have happened before. Exciting times.

    2. Been doing it since the Cold War, miss those days, never a dull moment onstation, now its all busy work and cleaning stations.

  9. The comment that we would shoot down a Russian drone flying near a US city holds no water. Russian recon flights routinely fly OUTSIDE the 200 mile territorial limit, in international waters, just like the US drone in this incident. We don’t shoot them down if they are outside the 200 mile limit.

  10. Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov said that it was accidentally-purposely carried out: they need the technology.

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