Hear why McCarthy says he won’t support Santos for reelection

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says he will not support Republican Rep. George Santos for reelection. This comes as New York’s Rep. Santos pleaded not guilty to 13 federal charges, including counts of wire fraud, money laundering, theft of public funds and lying to the US House. CNN expert panel discusses. #CNN #News


  1. Of course he won’t support Santos….the dude is the laughing stock of the entire world…..

  2. Funny cause McCarthy going down himself and Santos has has been buying up business properties hope they look into that

  3. When is George going to realize he always looks like his Mom just dressed him to go to a fifth grade assembly?

  4. Any ethical house leader would have already taken away his clearance and kicked him down the road but everybody knows thats not kevin

  5. McCarthy: “Resign”
    Santos:”Who are you?”
    “I’m Speaker of the House.”
    “No, I’m Speaker of the House.”

  6. No, McCarthy will not support Santos reelection bid but he will ring out as many congressional votes as he can get out of him in the mean time!!!!

  7. McCarthy will hold onto George Santos for life!!! He’s his boy that put him over the top!

    1. He’d’ve been ahead had he called it a “lynching”, not that I wouldn’t love to do that to them all.

  8. Santos is funny. He “doesn’t know where the government gets its information.”
    Uhhhhhhhh. How about they looked at what you supplied to them. Geez.

  9. Once again, McCarthy displays how weak he is. He wants it both ways: He still wants Santos’s votes, but he also wants to tell his supporters that he’s “addressing” Santos’s corruption. He’s pathetic.

  10. Kevin not supporting George in his next election doesn’t mean diddly.
    We’ll have to see if Kevin will keep his word once the ball gets rolling on this Committee’s investigations.

  11. George is in the unenviable position of being someone who would never be missed by anyone, if he were to simply disappear and never be heard from again. No questions, no interest, no missing person’s report, no police investigation… nothing. Given that he has no redeeming human qualities or appeal, this would be perfectly understandable.

    1. you’re wrong that he will never be missed by anyone….Democrats will miss him. News organizations will miss him. Late night talk show hosts will miss him. SNL will miss him. He’s the poster boy for the GOP

  12. McCarthy truly embodies the phrase a day late and dollar short
    He had no problem with Santos until they slapped the handcuffs on him
    McCarthy is slime who will take whatever position most benefits him at any given moment
    Even if it means doing a 180 from the position he held so dearly 5 minutes ago

  13. Word is that Santos came to court dressed as the judge, and tried to convince the bailiffs that the real judge was an imposter.

    1. @C Doe Maybe he arrived dressed as Princess Leia, like Tina Fey (attempting to dodge jury duty) on that classic episode of 60 ROCK ???
      New York court staff so desensitised to insanity that they don’t even notice the pudgy, middle aged Congressman has a side cinnamon buns hairdo and long white Druid cloak.

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