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  2. The adults at the pitchers mound appeared to run for his life without regard for the children behind him. What’s up with that?

    1. Give him s break. Someone else took care of the kid closest to him. He did look sround and i think he would have grabbed sny other kids close to him. At some point he had to dauy, “Let’s get safe,”

    1. It’s great, wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Certainly not any actual third world nations.

    2. if the us was a third world country, i can’t imagine how amazing a first world country would be to live in.
      that said, of course as a us citizen i admit and am highly concerned about the gun issues. people aren’t safe because of the 2nd amendment.

  3. That idiot needs to be caught and put in prison for attempted murder, I am so glad no child nor adult were injured

    1. The idiots who allow him/her to own the weapon should be removed from power and imprisoned.

  4. The “person” responsible, is not one person, but every person in power who refuses to reform gun ownership laws.

  5. Unfortunately, many of those very same parents voted for Politicians that will NOT stop this nonsense.

  6. It is very sad when somebody shoots a gun at a children’s baseball game deliberately trying to kill one of the young players. Hopefully they catch the person who did the shooting. I truly do not understand the violence. in this country. Hopefully it was not a parent from another baseball team for children if the shot was aimed at the field and they were deliberately Trying to kill a certain child which is scary.

  7. I’ve seen things like that happen in third world countries. I suppose it fits the US petfectly.

  8. You guys let guns go for so long that at this point you could liteally revoke the 2nd ammendment and not see a difference in gun violence for decades.
    There are millions and millions of em just floating around in every other house and street corner

  9. How sad that the children knew what the sound was and how to behave. So much for childhood

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