These migrants in Juarez Mexico live in an abandoned building

CNN’s David Culver reports from the US/Mexico border where thousands of migrants are making decisions to either cross into the US or live in dire, temporary conditions #CNN #News #title42 #shorts


  1. So these people traveled halfway across the world, with no plan on how to live? Why should we care? They didn’t care enough about themselves to have a plan. They clearly aren’t looking for a better life, if this is what they chose.

  2. Somebody had to convince them that they’ll end up being American by traveling in a group. There’s no way anybody comes up with nonsense in South America and central.

  3. They deserve better than what they came from and I think they are not prepared bcuz that’s how awful it is where they lived or why leave homelands…They haven’t had much hope so they dream of a better life in the USA… God bless y’all and us.amen

    1. I do, I akways think the same thing when people speak of them in such a hateful way. If it was them and their family they would do whatever they could to seek a better life too!

  4. I know what it’s like to be hungry,. cold and dirty.. can you imagine while your children were too ?

  5. A lot of them in Los Angeles on street corner s already with nothing to do but drink and smoke the weed, all day. Don’t get in their way. 😊

  6. It’s been sad to know that there was a fire months ago there. Also I think even though many countries might echo the same feeling like ‘we are full’, I do think we have to create a decent living condition to them. Like migrants are still migrants, and they are seeking for a better way of life. 😊

    1. They are seeking a better way of life, cause they are too lazy to fight for one in their own country.

  7. Could have saved themselves alot of disappointment by applying through the American embassy in their home county.

    1. @Empath79I know someone and it only took a week. The thing is, you have to be from an approved country that is on the list for asylum. If your country isn’t approved for asylum then it won’t be easy.

  8. Why aren’t we seeking payment for each migrant from the countries they come from? We should demand compensation or we take heir territory that they are running into the ground anyway. I know it’s not that simple but Jesus Christ, look how these people are suffering. They suffering because of their corrupt governments. We should make those governments pay for each and every migrant that comes over here.

  9. Lots of American homeless living this way on the streets of the USA.
    When we solve our homelessness issue first then we can open our door .

    1. Keep sending money to Ukraine though. Weapon makers need the cash to donate to US politicians.

  10. ..we have too many homeless hungry Americans that need help..let’s help try and fix our own people before other countries homeless or refugees..just saying

  11. So many heartless comments here. If it was you and your family you would risk everything to give them a better life too, wouldnt you?!

    1. Not if it meant leaving our home to go to a border town and live in a shack. No running water, heat or food. These people failed to plan.

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