Hear why state lawmaker wants ‘Latinx’ banned for use in state agencies

CNN speaks to Geraldo Reyes, Jr., one of six Hispanic lawmakers in Connecticut who have proposed a ban of the term "Latinx" from official government documents, calling it offensive to Spanish speakers. #CNN #News


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  2. Maybe I’ll start demanding that government forms use “Caucasian” instead of “White” and that there is consistent capitalization of such terms. Oh, wait… I don’t have time to waste on such trivial matters.

    1. At least they aren’t pushing for “black feminism” or “queer theory” to be incorporated in the state curriculum

  3. I dont find it offensive. I truly dont see the point of it. Latinos is inclusive. To believe it has male dominance over you is dumb.

  4. As a puerto lrican, i dont find it woke. Just extremely cringe. And unnesesary and it does takes away from our actual heritage ironically.

  5. To me, this is equivalent to chairmen & chairwomen. Why not use the word Chair. Simplify. It’s been called Latin America for more than a century. I’m happy to hear a latin person suggest the same.

    1. Not the same at all. Gendered language is quite common and has nothing to do with sexism or choice of terminology. English used to be a gendered language. Different languages even assign different genders to the same object. You/they are saying that the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world needs to change because it is sexist. Ridiculous.

  6. O my god like 4 years ago I learned this was offensive, they still using that
    I guy actually got mad at me and said is there something wrong with being Mexican (he was pissed)🤦🏽‍♂️

  7. i’ve never heard anyone use that term but the hard far-left. they’re the ones who also say race theory is american history and queer theory is black history. they’re the actual bourgeoisie. how privileged do you have to be to think you have the absolute right to manipulate language and revise history? the answer is very privileged.

  8. This is silly. In my part of the world the younger generations are the ones who prefer to use Latinx. Why should the older generation dictate what the whole group can use? And, how can he say it isn’t banned when he just said it would be banned?

  9. The term “Latin” is already gender neutral and it’s already in common use in phrases like “the Latin peoples” or “Latin America” (the “Latin” in “Latin America” is used to describe the Latin people). I’ve yet to see anyone actually bring this up, outside of Reyes here, but it’s an important point. The term “LatinX” is not an effort to make “Latino” gender neutral, it already has a gender neutral term here in English with “Latin”, the term is an effort to actively use less male-gendered language. “LatinX” came about the same time as words like “womyn” and “womxn” and were created by the same group of people, and the term circulated in the same groups, in a campaign by feminists (misandrists) to use less male-gendered language.

    1. Most of us that family comes from central and South America are primarily of Indigenous American descent of Aztec, Maya, Arawak, Incas etc etc.. Latin and Latino are already Eurocentric words use to describe the people that was colonized by the Spaniards, Portuguese and French.. If you want to be really woke lets get rid of the whole Latin, Latino, Hispanic word and pick a better word to describe the surviving descendants of colonization from the Americas instead of fighting over which Eurocentric term define us better.. This is not Europe we are not European so don’t let the colonizer define us

    2. It is not a “male gendered” language, That is an absurd claim. The language has three genders, like many do, and it has no relationship to human sexuality.

  10. I don’t care about the x, but I am offended by the Latin part. It focuses on European roots and neglects indigenous roots.

  11. This is one of the first things Sarah Huckabee Sanders did in Arkansas as Governor last month. I was shocked and proud of her. 🤷

  12. Just imagine all the pronouns and the small amount that use it but force the majority to go along with their ‘woke’ ways, same with LatinX.

  13. I agree with the gentleman. I was born and raised as a native Spanish speaker. I also find the term LatinX insulting. It is a denial and rejection of the nature and beauty of the language. Toni’s who have been born and raised speaking Spanish as our native language, the language is already signed to use the “o” in the end of words as neutral and to objects and things with a masculine connotation. The “o” has a dual connotation whose understanding and appreciation comes natural to Spanish speakers. Our brain naturally detects which of the two meanings, that is neutral or masculine, the “o” termination has when it is interpreted within a context of either the verbal or written communication/subjects. Natural Spanish speakers, from both sexes, who have been born and raised with Spanish as their natural first language understand this. It is the diluted pseudo Spanish speakers who have been influenced by other cultures, such as the ones who have mostly lived here in the US, who speak Spanish as their second language and have learned it away from our motherland, that do. It understand and ascribe the “o” termination of Spanish words as purely masculine. It is an insult because, no understanding, and feeling in their skin, the true design of the Spanish language, which has been around for centuries, reject it, and does. It accept that the “o” termination is also neutral in our language. They regard Spanish as sexist and, if we are not careful, it is these faux Spanish speakers, and the USA, who will dictate that our Spanish language is sexist and ought to have the termination “x” in all words because they don’t understand anything but “o” is chiefly for masculine and “a” for feminine.

    Dios mío. Ir better yet
    “ Dios miX” 😳🙄

    What does Spain think about this?

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