1. @Dorian Shades of gray NOt much he one can do unless he has a gun too. It’s easy to say than done.

    2. @Dorian Shades of gray he was litterly in a life or death situation stfu I dont blame him at all he needs time to heal from this the victims are at peace if I was in his situation i would run for my life he only has 1 life and he is not gonna end it.

    3. @Mark Warren You do know that person was armed with an AR-style semi-automatic rifle and a handgun and wearing a tactical vest right? Why use the AR-15 instead of the handgun? I am sorry too but there are different types of guns where some can do much more damage and with more fire power than others. You just told on yourself. again, you don’t need guns where bullets fly everywhere traveling at nearly three times the speed of a handgun. Police officers don’t even have those types of guns. You don’t need that type of gun to hunt with, or use for self defense.

      Further Biden wants to put in place stricter laws getting rid of corrupt dealears, expanding background checks even more which would also mean targeting those with violent histories that can easily be missed with the current tracking systems in place today. Quoting another poster who added more info on this subject:

      “Biden calls for Stricter Gun Laws especially after this Colorado Mass Shooting. Thank Goodness he is in control now and can redo these laws.

      The former WH Administration should have answering all the letters from pleading city Mayors and Governors all over this country, to have all levels of Fed., State, Local & Foreign Law Enforcement agencies and Policy Makers – to work together going after and prosecuting Corrupt Weapon Dealers which would remove illegal guns off the streets while respecting the business of legitimate retailers.

      It should have been a priority to address the following

      a) ATF tracing of firearms;
      b) background checks conducted prior to any weapon transfers;
      c) prevent theft with the help of firearm owners securing their weapons with tax credits for gun safes;
      d) the use of smart gun technology like fingerprint locks or wireless and battery locks; and
      e) safe storage laws that require the use of effective theft prevention devices.

      Also Majority of gun deaths in the US are not homicides but suicides, and white men account for 74 % of them – not to mention mass shootings.”

    4. @lovely people I kind of speed read your post just now. I didn’t see a single reference to the real problem, which is mental health. NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND SLAUGHTERS OTHER HUMANS. All the laws on the books or any new ones you think up, simply will not stop criminals from getting guns, or solve the mental health problem. I have several guns, I hunt with an AR15, and carry a pistol when I leave my house every day. I live in a rural area and practice at least twice a week with different weapons to keep my skills sharp, and because I enjoy it. Do I think someone in the inner city needs an AR15, maybe not, but if they are not a felon and can legally possess a firearm, I have no problem with it.

    5. @Mark Warren Speed read too. But anyway the bottom like is Biden will uproot what has not already been uprooted to resolve a problem. He will then put in place laws by listening to Mayors and Governors all over this country, and have all levels of Fed., State, Local & Foreign Law Enforcement agencies and Policy Makers work together going after and prosecuting Corrupt Weapon Dealers which would remove illegal guns off the streets while respecting the business of legitimate retailers.

      So again, Biden wants to put in place stricter laws getting rid of corrupt dealears, expanding background checks even more which would also mean targeting those with violent histories or mental illness histories that can easily be missed with the current tracking systems in place today.

      And, again, private citizens don’t need guns where bullets fly everywhere traveling at nearly three times the speed of a handgun. Police officers don’t even have those types of war guns. There are too many other options out there that would be safer and get the job done whether anyone is hunting, practicing or using one for self defense. There are way too many accidents, and way too many mass shootings.

  1. Really admire this guys level of self awareness and honesty about mental health. He’s right, everyone has a responsibility as an adult to heal themselves so we don’t end up hurting others.

    1. @Horizontal Horizons The issue is not gun control. The issue is having a good mental healthcare system. We have a horrible one. When we defunded psychiatric hospitals and programs. We caused the mentally ill to have to take care of themselves. Many can’t. Why until they kill they often do not get help.

    2. @karms Bullshit. A man in France and England killed five people on a bridge in ten minutes. So bullshit. The people didn’t see his knife. So they were caught by surprise. Wake up. It’s our mental health system that needs to get this nur cases off the streets. There isn’t any less violence in strict gun controlled countries. So it doesn’t work. Wake up. This is bullshit. Biden is a Hitler.

  2. Hes a true survivor and believes in self reflection….. seeking help in oneself is a great first step! Blessings to you and your family. Happy you’re safe! Stay well

    1. @TONY :  60 million Americans have already taken the leap and been vaccinated with the Covid-19 series of dirty, synthetic DNA jabs that contain experimental and deadly mRNA. The US government is working overtime to vaccinate a high percentage of the population to add to the health chaos that’s coming with the financial/economic tsunami. The mission is urgent, as more and more natural health enthusiasts are spreading the word about dirty vaccines that contain genetically mutated organisms that are now programmed to create foreign proteins in your body. Now, by creating mandatory “vaccine passports,” millions of Americans who would never take the dangerous vaccines will now have to consider them, if they want to travel outside the United States, or even travel from state to state, for that matter.

      The infamous Dr. Fraudulent Fauci is “all in” for vaccine passports, as well as his insidious cohort, the one and only Bill “Hell’s” Gates. Together with Big Pharma, they’re injecting about 2 million Americans per day, as current figures show, setting up for the mass extinction event, where all those vaccinated suddenly experience immune system failure at the flip of a switch. That’s why they want the vaccine passports, because it’s the only way they can convince/coerce the “non-vaxxers” to comply. Next comes vaccine passport use for domestic travel, and it will never ever be lifted once it’s mandatory. Have no doubts about that.

      Vaccine passports are a modern form of Jewish badges the Nazis made mandatory

      Vaccine passports are just a modernized form of the Jewish yellow badge issued by the Nazis between 1939 and 1945, that systematically identified the Jews for deporting them to the ghettos and mass extermination centers (a.k.a. concentration camps – think today’s FEMA here). These badges were issued across all of German-occupied eastern Europe, and then Hitler required all Jews to register their guns. The Jewish badge was key to destroying the Jewish population of Europe, as it was used by the Nazis to watch and control their every movement. Sound familiar?

      The only Jews who were granted exemption from the mandatory badge were foreign Jews from neutral countries, or Jews who did work that was important to the German military forces. The badges were then used in the concentration camps to identify inmates (the badge changed its look to an inverted triangle with color-coding for prisoner categories).

      The badges were sewn into Jews’ clothing, as today’s badges are being “sewn in” to Americans’ DNA via mRNA. Get it? The Jews who were locked up for political reasons had a red triangle instead of yellow. Guess who got tortured the worst? Still think you know what the Covid mass-vaccination event is really about? Think again. Have you heard of Agenda ID 2020? It’s already been ratified in Germany, home of those damned Nazis.

      Are you a Trump fan who doesn’t want to be vaccinated with the dirty Covid jabs? Your vaccine papers will probably have a red logo instead of yellow, as you are data-based and listed on a government watch list as a racist, extremist, domestic terrorist. TSA agents will become the new SS police, verifying your “papers” at the airport, bus stations, train stations, and highway entrances to every different U.S. state.

      Mass Extinction Event after vaccine passports become mandatory and successful

      Over 12 percent of Americans have already been branded with the mark of the beast – mRNA virus fragments from a genetically mutated, highly contagious, respiratory-system-attacking virus strain of coronavirus. And don’t believe all the lies coming from mainstream media and the Biden regime that it’s only the states and local authorities that can enforce mandatory vaccinations, because the feds ALSO distribute these dirty Covid jabs to three freely associated states, four federal agencies, and five US territories. So, you were saying? Make no mistake, Fauci and the CDC are vying to make the dirty jabs mandatory in order to travel anywhere or to attend any school, at every level.

      Once Fauci, Gates, the CDC, and Biden’s CCP (Chinese Communist Party) have about 200 million Americans vaccinated, like they had with the flu shots, then the apocalypse comes, and it can begin overnight. Fraudulent Fauci and the Center for Disease Creation are working hard with other countries to make sure they also enforce the Vaccine Passports. Germany, coincidentally, already has its ducks in a row. Learn history folks, or you’re doomed to repeat it. Watch out for those dirty, mass-extinction vaccines. And yes, from the political party of “you don’t need an ID to vote” comes “show me your vaccine papers” to go anywhere and do anything.

      Tune your internet dial to Vaccines.news for updates on mandatory dirty vaccines and the Hitler-style propaganda that always comes with it all.

    2. @Raven R How do you get any sleep with that paranoid mentality running through your mind. You sound like you’re afraid of the dark and actually believe that the boggie man lives there…..
      Seek help…..

    3. You people are a joke to go along with this BS of a clown shown, i wondered if he got 70,000 for this apperance on the communist propagnda lieng news, well john Sulvillian did and spewed all his lies on cNN before it was proved he was the one who busted out the windows and was a BLM member, then a couple days later he was bragging about it on his twitter account and told on himself, fbi locked him up and he was out the next day but Consertative Patriots got locked up for doing nothing wrong, they were just at the rally for the election fraud and they are still in jail, where is your smpothy for them, this man really sounds like it is so distressed, not a tear in those eyes, laughing and smiling, The whole story smells to high heaven, I would bet money just like the ATL shoooting the lieing media and lieing biden/harris blamed it on hate towards Asians even though 2 white people got shot, they said nothing about hate towards white people though, in fact harris blamed it on white sumpremcy, but it was a black shooter. And he admitted it was about sex. It was a massage parlor, good grief, But harris made it about race, Ask yourself why does she make everything about race and identity, Because she is a just a puppet and front person for the cabal overlords, who trying to destroy America so she does what they say, she has been bought off, they are going to be doing more of these shooting FF events with their paid crisis actors, their hidden agenda is their New World order plan for all of humanity and agenda 21-30, depopulation of humanity using their pandemic hoax and operating system shot jabs, which causes the virus to mutuant in your body, it ceates the real killer virus for them, but you got misinformed people thinking that this shot will keep them from getting it, just keep on listening to the 2 people and the politicians who are being bought off to openly lie to the public. The real pandemic will be coming because the people who get the jab will become super spreadders and the people who were wise enough to know not to get it, will not be able to go around the people who got it because it will mutuant in about 4-5 mths in their body(remeber they said the 1st mutuant from the virus was in Africa and the next was in UK, thats were they did the 1st clinical trails, back in June 2020) they caused it, so they are lieing to us about everything, When the fall hits and all the people who didnt get the jab start getting sick from the people who got the jab, and the people who got the shot jab will have the mutuant version of the virus, they will just blame it on the ones who didnt get it, and keep the lie going, so you will have most of the worlds population either very sick and lots of people dieing whether you got the shot or not, so then they will magically have a new shot ready for the mutuant strain and make it madotory or you will be taken away to the camps and unless you take the shot in the camp, you will be killed, that is their plan. And by that time everybody will be lockdown and everything will closed permantely, all jobs destroyed and the middle class will be no more. They cause all the problems and they will have their solution ready to roll out, their new World order, 1 global gov, WEF says we will own nothing and be happy. ANd in the process of it all, we will lose our country to these devils and we will have no freedom left. And by 2030 they will have their worldpopulation goal, at 500,000 million worldwide for humanity. So they are planning for around 6.5 billion people to die from this hoax they have caused and made by 2030, We are in for the fight of our lives and future.

  3. Well communicated and candid recollection of this terrible incident…This guy’s a thinker and has some good insight and experiential knowledge of life…

  4. Kind of this man to share his story but I simultaneously just want him to be cuddled by his loved ones and not have to worry about getting grilled over the traumatic events he literally just experienced.

    1. @eponymousIme You seem to be having an episode. Please get professional help.

      You have 0 actual rebuttal except for “insult”.

      Huh…..why is that not a surprise.

  5. Everyone has the responsibility to take care of their human problems, in any human way possible. Lend a helping hand if you can.

  6. Whatever store or business establishment that you go into.. we should all be well informed of every exiting door and floor plan event of fire drill or crazy person with a gun…knowledge is essential.

  7. Wow such a humble and honest guy. Real feelings and experiences like this are really what changes peoples perspective on life its self. Sometimes its hard to stay sane in this cruel world we live in…Prayers to all

  8. Crazy actually being right there. So lucky he made it out alive.

    He really made some great points .

    So happy he is ok.

    1. Terry like her was amazing she did Special Olympics basketball with me I really like it because she was so kind and thoughtful and she always gave me hugs

  9. As a responsible gun owner who’s had a lot of training, I commend this person for recognizing his own mental state – and making the decision for himself not to own a gun.

  10. Ain’t like the movies where the fearless hero would stay in the supermarket, sneaking aisle to aisle, leading stranded patrons out the back door safely while shooter lurks.

  11. So great that he sought out a therapist right away…. A tragic senseless shooting.. My prayers for those who lost their lives.. Those injured.. The officer who was first on scene who gave his life trying to stop this psychopath… To the families and friends… I have an entire family of officers plus my son who witnessed and shooting as well as myself…. It’s horrific.. God watch over them all..my heart is with everyone in boulder…. Love from Utah..

  12. “I’ve been ghosting my therapist for awhile, but texted her as soon as I got home,” Damn, I felt that….

    1. @Aeon_Paul_2017 Miss know-it-all has entered the building, and then ran away in a pouty huff.

      If I had a nickel.

    2. @Calvin Parish I can look at that second chin and know they will carb themselves do death by age 65.

      When somebody at work gives me a hard time it has no effect, because I dont let it.

    3. @Sigkim it rarely happens I’m giving an example for people who are emotional and can’t handle stress.

  13. Great integrity man. Watering eyes for this guy. Our hearts are with the lost ones and the survivors as well.

    1. Translation… I’ll believe anything and there are no Psy ops going on for gun control. Just bodies lying all over that don’t bleed.

    2. Translation of@Home Theater : “I am a psiho. I don t care if people die because of the love of guns that i have. Actually I only love guns.”

  14. My nephew was the lecturer during the Charlotte University shootings. He still has not gotten over that. We see this so often. We have a serious issue in this country.

    1. The fact is we don’t. We DON’T see this often. At all. As a matter of fact, these shootings are extremely rare. Rarer than people being murdered by blunt objects.

  15. He shouldn’t feel bad he did what anyone would do self-preservation in a dangerous situation is always the best bet

  16. People that don’t respect Police they have to realize they put their life in risk for us and this video is great example.

  17. An intelligent, non-religious man saying that people need to deal with their mental health and REAL human issues. Speaking facts. Glad he brought attention to mental health and made it a focus.

    1. True,but how many more of us have to die while waiting for better mental health access for crazy people?

    2. @Elysee Blackstone I don’t think he was referring to the mental health of shooter. I think he was referring to his own mental health. He didn’t comment on shooter.

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