Heather McGhee: The Only Thing The Right Wing Has Is A Racist Lie About Election Fraud | Deadline 1

Heather McGhee: The Only Thing The Right Wing Has Is A Racist Lie About Election Fraud | Deadline


Heather McGhee, Chair of the Board of the Directors for Color of Change, Greg Bluestein of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and president of the National Action Network Rev. Al Sharpton, discuss Georgia enacting sweeping voting restrictions and what these limits mean for democracy. Aired on 03/26/2021.
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Heather McGhee: The Only Thing The Right Wing Has Is A Racist Lie About Election Fraud | Deadline


    1. It most definitely will! This WILL be the lighting rod to change Georgia, maybe the country. History in the making…..

  1. This is why real Americans spell Republikkklans this way and they now consider the Republikkklan party to be the Russian government.

    1. @Coco Crisp American that hate their great grandchildren love Creepy Joe. Americans that love having a weak senile goof “in charge” love Creepy Joe.Americans that love high inflation,no energy independance and children thrown in cages like Creepy Joe. Americans who love handouts love creepy Joe.Americans who love our country being the laughing stock of Putin love Creepy Joe. Americans that love being spanked by China love creepy Joe.


    3. @David Eby You’re talking about Biden being “weak” while trump was a complete doormat to the saudis, russia, kim jung un duterte. lol gtfo. Trump never lifted a finger against the russian spyship on our coasts, the russian attacks, never spoke a word against putin. What are you smoking? 😀

  2. “Hey Bubba, guard the door while we secretly steal blood bought rights from black people. Don`t act like you`re guarding the Capitol ok, be really tough especially if you see any elected black women!!” HAHAHAHAHA

    1. So……. you are so racist that you think blacks are not as capable as whites? None of these laws apply to blacks only,so you feel blacks can’t figure out how to vote? You are racist!!!!!!!!!! Republicans feel blacks are as capable as whites to vote.

    2. @Stephanie Flynn Demonrats don’t give blacks enough credit. Demonrats love their identity politics. Like Creepy Joe loves to say,Blacks aren’t smart enough to get online. He really said that. What a racist.

    3. @David Eby
      Republicans fear the black vote. That’s why this racist law was passed in Georgia. Yup, the only thing you white supremacists have is your racist lie about the 2020 election.

    4. @Will Rickerson So,you think black are smart enough to get thru this maze and vote? If so,what are you worried about? If not, you are rscist!!!You liberals are soooo slooooooow.

  3. this will hurt the GOP even more, the more the GOP is pushing more people will push back and put the pressure on the GOP!!!
    And like president Biden sad yesterday when asked are you going for 2024 he said “we dont even know if the GOP still be there” LOL
    people, of the US keep on pushing and putting pressure on the GOP. the GOP will destroy them selfs from within!!

    1. I definitely agree. I’m like Joe. We’re not sweating the GOP party. They’re destroying themselves.

  4. Many capitol rioters were granted the *privilege* of walking out of jail on their own recognizance, *without having to post bail.* Wonder if she’ll be afforded the same whitewashed treatment.

  5. BTW they said you can’t bring them food or water … does that mean it’s ok to bring them a Coke?

    1. It’s actually phrased “food and
      drink” in the bill. But there are loopholes in that section of the text that creative people could probably drive a taco truck through. I predict it will backfire on them.

    2. Dare we hope that CocaCola will take the opportunity for a PR win and give out water to people before they get in line to vote and do so in every county in the country where their products are sold and/or give huge discounts to local businesses that want that PR win?

    3. They also said you can’t give it to them whilst they are waiting in line, so give it to them before they join the line

    1. That was true in 2016 as well. Sadly, the integrity of the Brad Raffensperger and Gabriel Sterling are the exception rather than the rule in the Georgia GOP “leadership”.

  6. A human action, like giving water to someone in line to vote, it’s now a crime in Georgia. That is the country the American people want?

  7. I’m starting to think this is a dumpster fire to distract us while the GOP does something else b/c this is soo blatant I can’t help but wonder what is this meant to distract us from?

    1. You on it I’m feeling the same way we the people has to be focused and keep the lessons of history before us communicate with each other in truth and stand together and hold our position don’t chase them defend against them there counting on us not to protect what we gained by winning the election and to become frustrated and drop our guard mentaly

    2. Distracting you from the fact Biden is allowing illegals with covid to enter our country with your tax dollars

  8. I dunno about you all, but I’m starting to get the feeling that republicans might actually hate democracy.

  9. Here’s Senator Hyde-Smith accidentally saying the quiet part loud; giving away the whole game…
    “There’s a lot of liberal folks over there in that school, who that maybe we don’t want to vote. Maybe we want to make it just a little more difficult for them to vote.”

    She also thinks public lynchings are cool…
    “If he invited me to a public hanging I’d be there in the first row!”

    She’s not even trying to hide her racism. She put down the dog whistle and picked up a bullhorn. The GOP isn’t for voter security; they’re for voter suppression.
    Saying things like that may make her party proud, but to everyone else it makes her a disgrace.

    1. Someone once famously said: ‘When they go low. We go high.’ So I ask. Which party’s the peacekeepers? And which is the party of chaos and carnage?

  10. To everyone who thinks their vote doesn’t matter…
    Please ask yourself, “If my vote doesn’t matter, why are they trying so hard to suppress it?”.

    1. As a Canadian who loves America almost as much as my own country I beg all my American brothers and sisters south of the border to rise up in opposition to this sick and despicable action now sweeping across your country. These Republicans have proven themselves traitors to the American ideal and your great democracy, praising foreign dictators while trying to tear your own President down. Today it’s Georgia but, in 42 other Republican controlled states of your great and noble union similar anti-voting, anti-democratic laws are being sponsored. The Republican party has become now an authoritarian cult group held in the thrall of a recently disgraced and former “president” (as if he deserves the title). And before you tell me I’m just a foreigner who has no stake in what happens in your great country that is not true. I lived for 20 years in the US and have many friends and family members living there still. Natural born US citizens who are likewise in peril should these treasonous seditionists succeed in their grotesquely anti-American agenda. Just because they failed on January 6th of this year doesn’t mean they’ve stopped trying. What’s happening now is a continuation of their efforts to destroy all the noble principles and aspirations I know in my heart the majority of Americans still hold dear. So fight these Republican Benedict Arnold’s tooth and nail. Vote them out of office no matter how hard they try to make it for you. As America goes so will the world. Don’t leave us here in Canada the only democracy left in North America. The whole free world needs you to fight to keep your democracy intact, praying for you now in this most critical period of your history you now find yourselves. I thank you for reading this and apologize for the length of this “comment” but I’m sure even your new President would agree to the great importance of the duty now facing you to fight for your continued freedom. Surely worth reading a lengthy message like this if it encourages even one of you to take action. Once again thank you and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

    2. The dems you here what that woman said they always talk black an brown what about white people all people vote so what’s the point

    3. @Anthony Wicks This is the point that people have been trying to say, laws dis-proportionally attack people of color, that does not mean all are of color. Just the major areas have demographics that are more of color. This is also suppression of average working voters as well. Ether way we all should be upset that politicians want to silence our votes no mater if that from the inn city to the country roads. All people should have access to be able to vote and that means not having to stand in line for hours to vote. Vote should be a right not a privilege and until we all stand up and say it will we are going to not have a democracy anymore.

  11. In Georgia water is an illegal substance and knocking on Doors is a felony. But interference in certification by elected officials and disenfranchising the People’s vote because you don’t like the way they vote is okay. WTH

    1. Hey. These white patriarchs in the Georgia house and senate have no shame. They have no honor. They want their WHITE SUPERIORITY.

  12. “Voter Fraud” didn’t start becoming a problem until after the Civil War.

    If you need me to spell it out even more for you, let me know.

  13. It is people please stay focused, they only trying to confuse everyone, stay focused, please, the enemy is a liar,

  14. The governor of GA had stated after 11/03/2020 that there was no evidence of voter fraud. If that’s the case, why the new restrictions?

  15. Rather than campaigning on issues that appeal to a majority of the electorate, the GOP has made a strategy out of voter suppression.

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