'Help Us, Please': Afghan Who Assisted U.S. Marines Faces Taliban Threat, Beseeches Biden 1

‘Help Us, Please’: Afghan Who Assisted U.S. Marines Faces Taliban Threat, Beseeches Biden

'Zak,' an Afghan interpreter who worked with U.S. Marines, and Major Thomas Schueman a U.S. Marine Corps Infantry officer, talk about the service Zak performed for the United States and the threat he and his family face from the Taliban as a result as the U.S. pulls out of Afghanistan.
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  1. I remember this clown last year.. Jeffrey Clark…They should charge him with treason….Come on Merrick Garland…Do your job!

  2. Get them on a military plane out of the country before the last boots leave. Let the desk jockeys worry about the paperwork. These people helped us. They should be our main concern now.

    1. Yep, if I was the top leader in Afghanistan, I’d fly out as many interpreters that I could and won’t care if I was dishonorably discharged. They will land on American soil at an airport or a military base and I will deal with the consequences then.

    2. @Yawning Pheonix Probably jail for a couple of years for disobeying orders but there would be massive public outrage.

  3. I thought at first it was just his accent and pronunciation. But then I realized that the poor man is terrified for himself and his family. OMG we must act quickly to save them. Sort out the paperwork on Guam or wherever. But airlift them out now.
    Didn’t we learn anything from the mess after the fall of Saigon. But they won’t be sent to some Communist reeducation camp. The Taliban will simply swoop in and slaughter them all along with their families.

  4. The Biden administration and The Secretary of State Anthony Blinken need to help this young man seek refuge in the United States, his family, and others in his situation.

  5. I am against basically all aspects of America’s “foreign policy” but regardless of how you see the situation in Afghanistan and the motives and failures that created a 20-year long war that killed and wounded so many people on all sides, not protecting those who worked for you is dishonorable. It is a disgrace. It shows how the decision-making process in the US government is void of any decency, morals, values, and humanity. It displays the absence of character. That in itself displays the pillars of America’s “foreign policy”: no decency, no morals, no values, no humanity.

  6. My Heart goes out to this young man and his family and others that helped the USA. President Biden, the Secretary of State, and other members of the administration need to help this young man and his family and others that helped US military in Afghanistan obtain refuge in the USA.

  7. It is so sad listening to his story I hope that they could approve his visa at soon as possible and get him and his family out of harms way

  8. The rule of two years service should be waived as a matter of urgency. General rules have to be modified as a matter of equity due to such interpreters or else justice will not be served. Five years waiting for a visa is a bureaucratic excess. For shame that this visa has not been issued yet.

  9. It was ok to “Fund” these “ Contractor’s” Obscene amount of money for War, but a man who risked his life to help us fight, along with our soldiers in battle for two years is stuck, now fighting for his life. For “Lost Paperwork” BS!!! Bring him Here Now! Do the right thing !!

  10. Afghans are very good and hospitable people. I’ve known a family years ago, they were very good to me. It breaks my heart this is what is happening to their homeland.

  11. Get him, and the other interpreters, out of there! We owe it to them for the risks they took for us. If he dies due to a bureaucratic technicality, his blood is on our hands.

  12. This is someone who and his family’s deserve to come in through South border. So if we not help him who is going to help us in the future?

  13. “An unjust law is no law at all” st Augustine. Someone life depends if they spent 9 months vs 2 years. Who decided that 2 years is the requirement?

  14. a lesson learned : none should help the USA against own people. it’s not only immoral but risk.
    if you feel you are on the side of the USA, get a USA passport firstly.

  15. This young man’s actions should be more than enough to justify his family’s entry to the US by themselves.
    But even without those, his resourcefulness, skills and courage would be an asset to the US. There are no downsides to this. It is a matter of shame that he is not already there.

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