1. I’m from the I land east kootenays and we have been lucky here somewhat but the amount of traffic is picking up albertands I feel yu

  1. Thanks so much. I do think our youth will listen…if you/we keep reminding them. We can help them make safe plans, rather than argue about it.

    1. i think i can make a firearms manufacturing plant in my garage before then.. so ill be fine. and heavily armed.. and so will everyone i know lol..

    2. Wouldn’t need to lockdown if morons would wear masks and stay away from each other.Only losers deny the existence/severity of this pandemic.

  2. Here comes the second wave they want. Get ready for mandatory masks British Columbia and a second shut down.

  3. We live on an island (Vancouver Island), how hard is it to test and stop virus spreaders from coming here. I feel all of my hard work has been for nothing. I feel like my self isolation and mask wearing has been for nothing!

    Military family, 8 years in service…. first job? World Health Organization…. then just happened to be in charge at SARS “outbreak”. Something fishy. She just started a bunch of lies about “safe” masks yesterday. All lies easily proven using google and looking at Medical Journals.

  5. Hurry up and panic 😱
    Getting sick of the scaremongering garbage from these clowns with the chinese flu thing.
    They’ve already done enough damage.
    Time to end this nonsense.

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