1. @Noah Parsons ya.. these commenters on CTV’s youtube channel are something else.

      I should invest in tin foil.. i feel nowadays i could make a fortune selling them as hats, lol.

    2. @George Simon No they didn’t. I just downloaded a CSV of weather data for Toronto Island during January 1914.

  1. Atari like graphics for clouds and a globe that is computer generated. Seems legit. I will never google flatest places on earth.

    1. No airplanes in google earth? Except near airports. Could it be that its from a high altitude spy drone? Like how S.O.P.H.I.A is The Hubble “space” telescope

    1. Came here to post this. Nobody screws with our climate more than alphabet agencies. This has been documented for decades.

    2. You have to be another level of stupid if you think these 100 mph winds are somehow made by “cloud seeding”. Go read a science book instead of spewing idiotic conspiracies

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