'Let's test them': Retired Maj.-Gen. Fraser on if Canada should trust promises from Taliban 1

‘Let’s test them’: Retired Maj.-Gen. Fraser on if Canada should trust promises from Taliban


Retired Maj.-Gen. David Fraser breaks down the security situation in Afghanistan and if the Taliban will let evacuations continue.

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    1. If you want to ask a Canadian general about the situation in Afghanistan, why not ask him why the OPIUM trade was allowed to flourish, there?

      Was there some military strategy in allowing farmers to grow opium for its illegal export? The Taliban were able to finance their operations and arms purchases with OPIUM. The American’s puppets in Kabul profited from their corruption. No orders to eradicate the OPIUM trade?

  1. Trudeau has deserted Canadians in Afghanistan. He was told 5 months ago by O’Toole to get Canadians out. Now they are trapped there. The guy is danger stupid.

  2. Taliban are the enemy not our brothers! Afghans rejected our culture and values and decided to lay down and surrender in support of being ruled by Islamic law….

  3. Oh the Canadian government is on great terms with their brothers the Taliban. They’re going to Justin’s house for Thanksgiving this year.

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