1. Well this way the Canadian government does not have to go to court to get Google’s data.
      Now, with this app, the government gets it’s own data.

    1. Most app want you to give your social insurance number to download from a call my government website and who says all vaccinations will have chips in them the flu vaccination might have a chip smallpox vaccination as chips all of vaccinations mite have a chip you never know

    2. That’s in their plan, with the mandatory vaccine that we ‘need to return to normal’. Search up ‘MIT vaccine ID patch’

    1. I went on the website to check my credit score thay ask you for your social insurance number. If it is a covid-19 app then why do you have to give your social insurance number does my sense

    2. With your social insurance number a lot of information about you is revealed. Your Birthday, where you live, where you work, your bank information etc. That is why you should never give your social insurance number to anyone except your place of work, Social Services, EI, your bank etc. Only places that are nessissary. Being asked for it for your credit score shows that.

  1. No way in hell i’m downloading this app. And if it is made mandatory, I either leave my phone at home OR even better, I’m canceling my mobile plan. I’ll have old fashioned home phone only!

  2. As if anyone will voluntarily download a tracker , this is still a country where we have rights to privacy..IF we do not give them up .

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