Here’s the key reason emergency rooms are closing | COVID-19 in Canada

CAEP President Dr. Michael Howlett explains the two key factor that are behind the closures of emergency rooms across Canada.

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    1. that’s only part of the problem. much of it is the facilities are too small. my wifes hospital has patients in the hallways. theres not enough beds or rooms for the patients.

    1. when the wealthy boomers who rode the best economy ever through their productive years pay for it

  1. Maybe deligate some easy tasks to others that are not fully educated yet; just saying that because of length of time needed to be fully educated in this feild? Or maybe fast track students?…

    1. They already have that in Ontario hospitals. They are called Clinical Externs; usually nursing students who basically function has PSWs and can learn nursing skills along the way.

    2. @Matthew Leclair sounds like we need more of those. Much more. We don’t need someone with several years of adult-level education to learn how to check my blood pressure.

    3. @Nike Dattani Also needs to chop and eliminate the vast volume of bureaucracy that exists in the health care system. For every ER patient, an ER Doctor spends 10 minutes talking to a patient, 5 minutes looking at the patients chart and 5 minutes to determine the course of action and provide the orders. The remaining 90 minutes for said patient is filling out and submitting paperwork. And I am not exaggerating. This is why you have such long waits in the ER room.

    4. @Mia Faggito if we hired ER doctors that know how to read and write, they wouldn’t have to spend 90 minutes on paperwork, while rushing to spend as little time as possible on medical attention.

    1. Lol, the guy is talking about a generational trend and you point the finger at a relatively new government that doesn’t oversee healthcare… ๐Ÿ‘

    2. @Hyperpandas a relatively new govmt who’s PM has created more debt than all other PMs combined since the beginning of the state

  2. I remember hearing about this as a kid. Not enough staff to deal with baby boomers. 20 years ago you couldn’t get into nursing if you tried. Cuts and cuts. Can’t get a GP to save your life. Bloody joke our governments.

    1. Trudeau doesn’t care, but neither do the Conservatives. I have been hearing about this for 40 years.

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  4. “They” who said 30 years ago that we had too many doctors, were Canadian doctors themselves! I remember that very well.

  5. Imagine if government, yes you Jason Kenney, supported health care like doctors & nurses, not attacking them, cutting jobs & wages. I think we need to get rid of certain government but seriously they all are pathetic.

  6. The coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic downture is hitting Canada at a time when unexpected medical bills were already a primary concern for many Canadians.

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