COVID-19 summer wave: Epidemiologist warns ‘politicians have lost interest’

Epidemiologist Dr. Prabhat Jha discusses the rising COVID-19 cases across Canada and how infections from the summer wave can be limited.

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    1. Denmark also dropped all restrictions in September, then panicked during the winter COVID rush and brought back restrictions, only to drop them again in the spring.

      This tells me the country could easily bring back restrictions again.

  1. Was it hard to find this “expert” to say what you want to report? Maybe get another Nanos poll commissioned!

    1. That’s because the numbers — the government’s own numbers — don’t support (and never supported) the hysteria.

    2. @VonPredator Something like a risk/benefit or a hazard ratio? Like we’d be informed of for any other treatment or intervention proposed by a medical professional? Oh please….

  2. Loss of life rate from COVID by year, according to Public Health Agency of Canada data:

    2020 = 2.68%
    2021 = 0.88%
    2022 = 0.75% (as of July 8)

    And these are case rates. The infection loss of life rate would be at least four times lower.

  3. In certain respects, i get it, i really do. That poeple want a break from the past two years & are exhausted. But the way in which they have rushed to carry out activities or travel without thinking it through. Easing your way would have been better, than expecting the workers & services would be there ready & waiting with open arms. Long line ups & crowds are fertile ground for the virus & its variants. In this case, caution would be the better part of valour. 0_o

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