Here's the latest details in the O'Leary boat crash trial 1

Here’s the latest details in the O’Leary boat crash trial

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    1. @Vancouver ViKinG especially him big mouth can’t stand him from dragon den.bad mouth every one

  1. Mr. Wonderful is in for 90% of the business with 5% equity and a loan for 50,000 that your a asking for & on top of that immunity for any alcohol involved to just dissappear. Idk wtf I’m saying.

  2. I hope he still has all the money he ever earned in his life. That’s what really matter to me.

  3. That’s a great line “miss O’Leary stated she did not consume any alcohol” literally one sentence later “officer detected a strong odour of alcohol.”
    Classic blunder

    1. apparently after running the boat over, instead of helping them they drove their boat home and started drinking….

    1. That’s the classic thing to say in the 80s if the police show up after the crash….oh I had a drink to calm my nerves…….Ok

  4. High speed at night, could have hit anything like the drunk that hit our floating dock and wouldn’t pay to fix it.

  5. Im confused, i can see the oleary boat heading towards the other boat. But it looks like the front part of the boat had lights on.

    1. Same here! I’ve went back, and watched the clip a few times, and it appears to me that both boats had lights on…..

  6. I’ll sum it up for you….Their rich they won’t face anything like you or I would and go to prison. Don’t drink and drive and this type of thing doesn’t happen unless it’s truly an accident.

  7. O’Leary himself it was probably the driver he’s trying to get his wife to take the rap throw them both in jail and throw away the key too much money corruption for the rich

    1. Just like that billionaire lady who killed her security guard by “giving him a massage” and then turned to “handing him his gun”.
      Also that vodka and water after the crash is gonna turn into, I had a couple drinks before operating the boat… either way, (in)voluntary manslaughter is the charge that should be given…

  8. The video of the boats with the lights is missing at least a couple of frames, or it’s been altered. Where did it come from?

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