Couple fined 12K for violating COVID-19 restrictions after flight lands early 1

Couple fined 12K for violating COVID-19 restrictions after flight lands early


A Barrie couple is facing hefty travel fines for not checking into government-ordered hotel.

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  1. fined 12k for travel yet our financial minister only gets fired for what half a year to only be hired back as the person in charge of retirement homes or whatever

  2. Canada please give these seniors a pass and clear the charges,
    it is the right thing to do, it truly is.

  3. The Canadian government has gone off the deep end. They have gone way past their limits of power.

  4. I would not pay for that b.s.
    I would rather go to jail then pay that .
    Sick Canadian government

    1. All their prison inmates would then have to wonder, “am I a criminal or am I a political prisoner too?”

    2. @Mume Uhuru 24% of the world’s prisoners with only 4.5% of the world’s population should have already made them wonder about that. smh

    1. Bill Morneau got a $200 fine for his ethics violations. Wealthy finance minister bends the rules, $200 fine. Modest senior citizens bend the rules, 2 x $6000 fine. Canada 2021.

  5. Bill Morneau, former Finance Minister, got a $200 fine for the ethics violations that led to his resignation. An elderly couple get a $12k fine for their harmless transgression. Go Canada

  6. It is not about the virus it is about their missionary works. Count how many churches burned down already

  7. This is ridiculous. Sweet couple. That fine should be dropped. They shouldn’t have to be put through this aggravation. 🙁😡💜

    1. It’s the most cowardly way to attack someone you don’t like. Get them on a meaningless technicality.

    2. @Janice Mitchels Especially when they’re cooperative and accommodating, and 80 year olds. I’ve been to other countries, they don’t have this swine like behaviour.

    3. @Amber Winters You would have to be a broken personality to make the judgment call they did.

    1. It’s like the horror movie “The IT”, you just have to stare at the clowns and you’ll see them for what they are.

  8. we must repeal the state of emergency powers. the province has clearly demonstrated they can not be trusted with such powers. the law must be repealed so we can end this once and for all.

  9. What about all of the politicians who were caught breaking the quarantine rules. Our country is completely corrupt.

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