Here's the latest on the sexual misconduct investigation involving Maj.-Gen. Dany Fortin 1

Here’s the latest on the sexual misconduct investigation involving Maj.-Gen. Dany Fortin


Annie Bergeron Oliver has the latest on the sexual misconduct investigation involving Maj.-Gen. Dany Fortin.

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  1. Over 30 years ago. Are you serious. This is ridiculous.
    They always come forward with allegations when they are in the public eye at the top of their career.
    It should be dismissed due to the fact that this has nothing to do with what happens or how the “victim” feel right now but only tone o destroy someone’s reputation and career.
    Next time, when something inappropriate is done to you, come forward right away about it, don’t wait until they are well known to the public or at the top of their profession.

    1. thats kinda rude to say, some victims take years to understand that they should come forward. sorry you feel this way best of luck in your life<3

  2. I think he just don’t want to be participant in the worldwide crime. Sexual assault is so popular thees days.

  3. Another woman had a 20 + year affair with general Vance, & had kids by him, while she was married…& Now blames him … it’s ALL his fault.
    & Here’s some allegation from 30 years ago…

    1. Relationships with a subordinate is a big no no. That is the issue with Vance ( along with other assault charges from other women who were not his mistress). Had he been having a 20 year affair with a non military female, it would not be an issue ( just the other 3 assault charges would be).

    1. Yes he did. He was exposed. The liberals are happy to employ anyone who is a sexual offender, a fraudster, an abusive employer or just otherwise all around corrupt. Until one gets caught and they can no longer cover it all up. Then they cut you loose and play dumb and insist “they didn’t know”. In fact, a scandalist past is a requirement to join the liberal party, or to be placed in plum positions by trudeau.

    1. Socially engineered by Hollywood or politicians and our News broadcasters just so that they could bring our society down so they could have their lord Baphomet. I cannot believe they’re still teaching children that we come from apes or or chemical soup obviously the Darwin made up that very fictitious story was a 33° Freemason and highly religious as he worshipped the light-bearer Lucifer.

  4. Can someone give me heads up what is this about? Is it about sexual assault in the military ?

  5. Ever since Russell Williams has anyone trusted the Canadian military? Ever since Justin Trudeau has anyone trusted our government?

  6. You are talking about Major General Danny Fortin, innocent untill prouven guilty under a court of law. Please show some respect for this man’s contribution to his country and respect his rank.

  7. At this point just let the women try to defend Canada. You know what it’s not worth defending anymore.

  8. And now trudeau admits he knew about the allegations. But he still gave him the job. Just like they all knew about Vance, but gave him a big fat juicy taxpayer funded raise anyway. Or like how they knew about Payettes previous employment issues, but gave her the GG job anyhow.

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