1. If face scanning works so well at the airport why couldn’t it work just as well at the grocery store. I think it’s great not having to fish around in my wallet for my credit cards. Even when I get stopped by the police no more stupid questions about me having an ID all he has to do is take my picture and run it on a government computer. All big brother is trying to do is make my life easier how come people don’t see that. My big brother already tells me I can’t smoke in my government apartment or I’ll get kicked out, big brother is just looking out for my health. The government is trying to be everybody’s friend why can’t people see being owned by money is a good thing? The government can map out my whole life so I don’t have to worry about what I want to be when I grow up (it’s a good thing). It is the rich that has things to give to the poor it is trickle-down economics and it is everybody’s friend. The rich will never go broke they will always be there telling people what they’re good for. Maybe someday I too can join the 1% club and know what it feels like to own the world. Let’s make America great again kill democracy and let the Republic for which it stands stand tall. Governments around the world are $281 trillion in debt, if God can give so much credit in government thinking why can’t we. Bloomberg global-…Feb 17, 2021 — World debt reached record $281 trillion at end of 2020: IIF. Developing-world debt topped 250% of GDP amid virus stimulus.

  2. That’s called Two Dems that should be voted out! Let big money run this country we don’t need them! Vote them out. Along with a lot of republicans so this country can move forward.

  3. This budget is a bull$#!+ corporate handout. Again. Our corrupted politicians refuse to put the people first.

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