Police Mourn Loss of Constable Orlando Irons | TVJ News – Oct 26 2021

Police Mourn Loss of Constable Orlando Irons | TVJ News - Oct 26 2021 1


  1. But they were in an unmarked car Chang, what are you really saying? The way how the Government takes Jamaican people for idiots is unbelievable 🙄. We can read, write a d comprehend what is going on.. Blame the public now. Such a nice young man, who hasn’t started to live and his life was take. for pure carelessness. My prayers to the family🙏🏾.

    1. This crop they saying is Bull. All cover up. Took the life of the young innocent young man. Another sacrifice.

  2. What about the driver of that pick up van that right off ..us KEVIN SMITH is the only important person in this accident ?

    1. @Suga Roy toll or no toll road..the results would be the same…evil powers at work here ppl..remember its not your regular joe was transported

  3. Rubbish Mr Minister…We already know this accident wasn’t cause by the other vehicles involved in this crash Stop hide the TRUTH


  5. God is working he’s swift to act.
    My condolences th the family and friends of Orlando Irons..
    SIEP Constabe Irons and I hope the others pull through and have a full recovery…
    This devils worshipper sacrifice you’re innocent life…
    Mommy I’m feeling your pain but pray without ceasing and God will see you through..

    1. Shut the hell up about God is working, 😂😂 after every thing you still making religious chants? Yuh nuh learn? Listen , if God was working, Kevin Smith wouldn’t last the very first day he started that cult and lives would have been speared etc. That was Gods swift action after all these years since the church existed?Is either God Dont exist or care or maybe God cant read the future. You need to thank the security team and the person who notify the police about the situation, atleast they reacted asap 😎

    2. @MrMassive Yu seet! Mi se, di funny ting is dem same one wa de gaa church every week a call di people dem ina dis ya church fool. 😂 🤣

    1. @Juniorh don’t be dumb, criminals don’t travel in unmarked cars that’s the point here, they transporting him like he is the president or smt

    2. @876 Plug Huh?! “…thats the point here..”. Missed THAT ‘point’! You are more confusing than anything else. I’m sure you understand what’s going on in your head, though!

    3. @Juniorh yeah and you clearly missed the point that he wasn’t supposed to be in a unmarked car doesn’t matter if there was a police car In front of it, there wasn’t anyone dieing for that to happen. There is less chances cars on the road will get out of the way for a unmarked private car

  6. the road is so expensive not even the government want to pay to use it… just goes to show how foolish the system take Jamaican people for… This accident show up a alot of people

  7. That man Horse Chang should be investigated in relation to the Kevin Smith saga his actions are very questionable.

  8. How do you make way for an unmarked car, Minister? Plus, speed kills! Why travel at such a high rate of speed??

  9. Security Minister, stop making yourself looking like a damn fool. Does the car looks like an emergency vehicle tu yu???

  10. Not only that but why would they take him in that car and not inside a big van ?🤔are a prisoner truck ?

  11. the police woman said it herself and she quickly corrected herself when saying “they were taking the FASTEST erm, i mean safest way to Kingston… 🤣 they act like we the public are a bunch of retards and cant figure things out

  12. This whole thing shows that this government and political system a embarrassment..show why the people and country in the state it is in..

  13. I hate that Constable Irons’ legacy will be tied in perpetuity in the public to this wicked man 😔. May his soul rest in eternal peace and so sorry to his bereaved family and friends.

  14. A pure fool in the damn police force. Now! The deceased even being allegedly committed a crime, his state can sue the damn government and received hundreds of millions with

  15. How about getting JDF to fly him to Kingston? Criminal like him with potential links to people and hold secrets in high places should have flown to kgn due to security measures… that crash is a cover up…. yall need to look into the driver who was driving the pick up truck

  16. Why have we not heard a single report on the person who was driving the white truck. I am genuinely concerned for that person and would like to know if he or she is ok. Can someone PLEASE shed some light on this person’s condition.

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