Here’s what Mulcair thinks about the CPC leadership debate

Here's what Mulcair thinks about the CPC leadership debate 1


    1. I don’t think anyone claimed otherwise. Isn’t that the point of having guests on a program like this — to get their point of view?????

  1. For sure you will always see a Quebecois stand behind another Quebecois like only Quebecois polititions can be the PM of the country. But I’m sure that an ndper will never agree with anyone CPC candidate.

  2. Terrible format. Charest is a Liberal in a Conservative suit and should be dismissed by anyone seriously considering having someone other than a Liberal leading the next government.

  3. I might be remembering incorrectly but wasn’t Charest once upon a time arrested for shoplifting a leather jacket?

  4. Every night I go to sleep worried about what former NDP leaders like Mulcair think about the Conservative Party.

  5. They are really trying to discredit Pierre. Trudeau is afraid of running against him. You go Pierre! You have my vote.

  6. Holy crap… it’s 31* in Montreal? It’s 9* here in Vancouver area, way too cold!

    Biased take but interesting info on how the CPC memberships work

  7. I had a little bit of respect for Mulcair, before but he is absolutely lunch on his predictions about Charet.

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