Trudeau criticizes Poilievre’s pledge to fire BoC head if elected

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came out swinging Thursday in response to Pierre Poilievre's pledge to fire the governor of the Bank of Canada if he came to power.

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  1. Now Justin concerns himself with financial matters. Budgets balance themselves is asking ” how far can a submarine dive? “Answer: All the way to the bottom.

    1. @Caesar pretty ‘great economy’ when part-time jobs are increasing and full-time jobs are decreasing alright. Talk about underemployment

  2. Trudeau is very correct. The bank has to stay separate from govt. Imagine a world where banks could do something like freeze peoples accounts solely on govt say so.

    1. @GET HOT: thanx for the belly laughs. . .your sarcastic humour is greatly appreciated 🤓

    1. @Amanda Trudeau is no better in many ways. Whoever wins, it doesn’t really matter in the big picture.

      I generally don’t prefer big mouths n loud talkers. That’s my bias. Poliviere seems like that n more. He complains abt the govt like we do, but does no critical analysis of the issue & neither do he offer reasonable solutions. Just builds up false hopes.

    2. @Karat Surba It does matter. Thinking like that is why most Canadians are being screwed. Ontario and Quebec think that way. You may think he’s a loud mouth, but at least he can actually answer questions. Jeez.

  3. Ignore Trudeau…he doesn’t THINK about economic policy (or about much of ANYTHING, actually) .🤣

    1. I feel quite certain he puts a great deal of thought & planning regarding his vacations.
      “C’mon kids! We’re gonna take a vacation in a war zone!”

  4. This from the guy who said the budget will balance itself and admitted he doesn’t think about inflation and how families are struggling? GTFO

  5. What a joke. As if the Central Bank of Canada is at all independent from the government. The entire committee is appointed by the government and the government can borrow any amount from them at any time for any reason.

    1. Our out of control inflation shows they chose not to act and Canadians are literally paying for it.

    2. Actually Trudeau found a way to make the bank change their policy because in the past, the bank would only allow a certain amount of new money to be printed. Pierre understands exactly what Trudeau did & has promised to do his part to help fix this situation.

    1. @Enclave Sigma Squad Hey… The west has no say in who gets elected prime minister. Ontario and Quebec do. Stop blaming the West Coast. Where do you think the convoy started from??

  6. Just like the BoC being independent, JT is independent from any coherent intelligent thoughts.

  7. You know the king is worried about being deposed when he starts talking about his opposition leader before he gets picked.

    1. He’s already had two other opponents arrested. Poilievre better have his backside covered!

  8. If Trudeau comes out in the open to critizise Poilièvre it’s because he is stirring in the right pot so to speak and he doesn’t share their views and they find that a bit unerving and Poilièvre is a great speaker and because he is new on the political scene they have nothing to throw at him to fight back and it makes them mad.He has never done anything wrong and that’s why they can’t compete with him!

    1. Well I mean Pierre is not thaaat new to the political scene, he’s been in the HoC since 2004 I believe. That being said he has been incredibly consistent on most issues and doesn’t flip flop and that is the kind of stability Canada needs.. in it’s banking system as well

    2. Poilievre has been on the political scene since he graduated from college.
      He has literally never had a job outside of politics. He just never actually did anything of importance over his almost 20 year career.
      The biggest “accomplishment” he has had is getting rid of Canadians being able to vouch for each other as a form of voter ID.

  9. How is the bank of Canada independent when they have become the money printing machine of the government? For a prime minister that thinks the budget will balance itself and the money grows on the trees it is not a surprise to think this is independence.

  10. You know the king is worried about being deposed when he starts talking about his opposition leader before he gets picked.

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