1. Translation: “Russia thanks for downing our spy plane … here’s some of the new features on it .. hopefully you don’t collect it and rebuild it *WINK *WINK”

  2. Equip a small flamethrower in the Reaper to use as deterrent in future fuel showering by enemy aircraft. Hopefully no blowback on the drone and a BBQ for the enemy. Probably just roast our drone anyway.

  3. Well, why didn’t anyone push the “self destruct” button? All of this worry about it falling into the hands of the enemy would have been a moot point!

  4. This is one aircraft that would benefit greatly from “Nose Art!”
    It could look really mean with some fangs and goggle eyes up front!

  5. Well at least we know now who was responsible for those balloons that we shot down! Somebody needs to Putin’ his place

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