Here’s why bitcoin could triple over the next year

William Quigley, managing director of Magnetic, explains why he believes that bitcoin's value can still rise dramatically into 2022.



    1. Do you have the ultra rare variant that are worth trillion billions? I’m willing to sell 1 for two trillion billion, and you can easily sell it to someone else for three trillion billions. Who care about the one that sits with having to actually own the tulip in the end, as long as we, good capitalists, earn good money this way?

    2. Precisely. These sorts of outrageous prices for something with little or no tangible value is basically a pyramid/Ponzi scheme. I’m currently reading a great book by Alan Hyde about Charlie Ponzi.

    3. @GreenEyedLady Thanks for mentioning it. I’ve never actually read about the original Ponzi and whatever scheme he might have performed. Sounds like just the kind of thing I’d listen to a 90 hour long audio-book of (and sleeping peacefully between some of the chapters).

    4. @Elvenkind You’d be very surprised. Actually it’s great writing that paints very vivid pictures about life in Boston after the first world war.

  1. Erin Burnett

    I have been worried about people assassinating me for over a decade.

    I am not going to stop speaking the truth.

  2. Purchased EPD, OMP, WES, and USDP last year and they have slowly increased. Nice. However, FASTER they rise the HARDER they fall. Sell, Sell, Sell Gyptocurrency before it is TOO late.

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  4. Bitcoin is the future, investing in it will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise….

    1. With anonymous holder Bitcoin is created as an intractable tool for money laundering. As creator the US government keeps a blind eye on it. The US do nothing policy encouraging the wild spread of the Ponzi scheme, the cancer keeps growing and it’s destroying the value of a justice society. Now, the different usages of bitcoin applied by the greediest gamblers, criminals, smugglers, drug dealers and money launderers are turning the whole world into a biggest casino.

  5. People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

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