1. 4 easy payments!! … LOL, dude borrowed that right off 1980’s Infomercials, and reusing that lame idea is worth $31B ??

  1. Using their service negatively impacts your credit score. It will just keep people on lower incomes struggling for even longer and push people deeper into debt. This company should not be celebrated.

    1. @Galva Tron What country are you in? Credit scores are widely used and relied upon in the UK.

    2. Credit scores aren’t used in a lot of European countries. And as far as I know people rely less on credit cards compared to the US.

  2. Fun fact: When guys behind Klarna pitched their idea in the Swedish version of Shark Tank back in 2006 they got rejected and made fun of by the Swedish sharks.

    1. Interesting. My uncle loves Shark Tank and all of its forms like the Dragons Den so I’ll tell him

  3. I love to shop the Klarna. You pay the wunce, the tweece, the tree times, and on the fooorth time you say okay, I am done.

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