United Airlines to buy electric flying taxis in $1 billion partnership 1

United Airlines to buy electric flying taxis in $1 billion partnership


United Airlines has entered into a $1 billion partnership with Archer to buy 200 electric flying aircraft. Archer CEO Brett Adcock says the aircraft will have the capability to fly 150 mph point-to-point.

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    1. They didn’t buy anything they just wanted a press release to make them look like they will be on the for front.

    2. @marcusablpn Pike
      Do you think this is a business proposal that has received a potential finance commitment? It is always amazing how much money comes out of the hard wood! Something to do for the owners of the USA.

    3. @kelperdude LoL, silly goose people can legally board an airline and “visit”. Then once here, just stay. Are you saying we should shut down tourism because a few people stay?
      Which is why a wall is pointless.

    1. @Annabelle Spears unearned income is a huge reason why this planet is so fucked up. Massive income disperities where people make excessive amounts of money not doing anything is a terrible thing for society.

    1. @J Barnhart Typically there are three stages in aircraft purchases by airlines, one where 2% of the purchase price is paid, a phase when 48% is paid just to allow construction and the third phase of 50% upon delivery or close to delivery, all of which is financed by an immediate sale to a leasing company when delivered and leasing the craft back for operation. In many respects, these deals are more for securing finances by their subsequent sale to leasing companies. This is why the airline’s have not canceled their 737 max airplanes despite how unpopular they’ve become, to cancel them now would be to forgo the sales to the leasing companies. I’m sure the purchase of these electric vehicles are equally convoluted and are more about the complex leasing arrangements in the future.

    2. @John Wang Yeah, I knew most of this…I was more responding to the “tax dollars wasted” trolls anyway. But good point. unless it’s a complete bailout, the government can’t dictate terms anyway. These deals were at least a few years in the making and as you have pointed out haven’t actually been paid out yet.
      I just wanted to concentrate on the fact that they DO work. This one may end up in the scrapheap but there will be more.

    3. @M T We’ve had several “flying cars” already. If you’ll pardon the pun, they just “never took off”. This will be more akin to the attempt to use helicopters to ferry passengers from New York skyrises to the airport’s which ended in disaster.

    1. @gin Well, there’s rechargeable battery powered hybrid drones with a compressed hydrogen assist for extra flight time, but not sure what you mean by “how much can it lift”. They’re just hitting the market and mostly coming from china from what I can tell. Surely, that tech can be scaled up for larger aircraft.

    2. @Claire H Hydrogen i mean there is a cost to everything, you want extra load and electric… i still think electric is toxic and under powered but i guess its getting better.

    3. @Claire H Hydrogen yes, but hydrogen has a lot of energy per weight, electric batteries are just very weak and heavy at the same time compared to jet fuel.

    1. @Quidpro Quo That’s a little like saying something that isn’t there yet doesn’t work… I mean we are at the using sticks and stones phase but where competition is increasing, Inovation & investment will follow.

    2. @Quidpro Quo Excess Electricity is charged off everyday without use…as long as peak hours are covered…charging and storing the excess electricity in vehicles is effectively more efficient.

    3. @Quidpro Quo maybe in some areas but where I live we have enough power for everyone to own electric cars.

    4. @Jim Holmes high density areas during peak hours not gonna work. No one can afford em anyway so doesn’t matter

    5. @Quidpro Quo The new EVs are competitive with new gas cars that will continue until EVs are cheaper. Power depends on where you live. Tesla’s idea is that everyone with tesla cars will also get tesla solar roofs. You can set your cars to start charging when ever you want. The Powerwall’s can also charge when power is cheap and use that power during peak hours when power is more expensive. Each state will have to figure out how to best power tomorrow using the resources of their states but we are also making huge advancements in nuclear power.

  1. How many Test Flights you completed ? NONE !
    United Airlines buying $1B worth of flying machines.
    Good PR

    1. To be fair, airlines often contract the construction of their planes five years before they are built and tested.

  2. can’t wait for one of these things to lose power and land on the highway and still be stuck in traffic lmao

    1. dont know if anyone cares but last night I hacked my girl friends Instagram account using InstaPwn. Cant link here so search for it on google if you wanna try it yourself

  3. Joby already had 1000+ test flights…Archer only has story and big contracts….reminds me of the famous Nikola

  4. “Does that aircraft behind you actually fly?”

    “Let me take a step back”

    I’ll take that as a no then.

    1. Lol, billion dollar partnership and billion dollar purchase are two completely different things, for a billion dollars united could design their own electric aircraft, a billion dollar partnership is just clickbait

    2. They plan on flying it this year, that’s huge! Also, the cost of Uber XL, that’s even bigger news! Yes, misdirection, I’ll give you that a thousand percent, but let’s not undermine the incredible news this is for the future of transportation for major cities.

    3. Being able to fly is not the main point. The main point is if it is able to fly complying with all the FAA Safety/Operatiing Certification Requirements.

  5. Let me get this straight Airline industry receives Billions in Covid bailout and now invests in some BS taxi service…..

  6. 4:20 I’m not the highest-ranking weed in the dispensary. The reaction on the fact’s check is $1 billion. Need partnership? “Sounds about white to me!”

  7. Imagine “helicopter” type things over your place every 5 minutes… Goodnfor focusing on work and relaxing at home

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