1. It’s because of things like crop failures, due to drought. Different parts of Canada had suffered from a very bad drought this summer, as had different parts of America.

    1. @Ted Stuebing It’s not a single word, but rather 3 words. “Supply and demand”. It’s written in the drop down info portion, as well as in the audio, but the answer is easy to miss if we’re looking for them to specify the “why” as a specific person/company/industry. 😉

    2. @Tracey No Matter What What blame? The planet is in ciaos with wild fires, drought a Pandemic going on 2 yrs soon.
      Supply lined disrupted all over the planet.
      Wait and see all get much worse as time marches on.

    3. @ET Himself I was directing that at the OP, in a flippant way. I should have added an emoji 😏

    4. Because they don’t understand why and they don’t want to expose the terrible liberal policies and spending sprees that have caused this.

  1. I find that basic oils have increased a lot; I used to get a container of veg oil on sale for $4, now the lowest you can find it is $6

  2. Supply issues + Inflation + Carbon taxes. I noticed you ignored the carbon tax portion. A tax on every logistical level on everything we buy.

    1. they also forgot to mention certain grocery stores padding their profits which drives up prices at other grocery stores.

  3. And fixed pensions are ?

    But we have billions to give to Foreign Nationals and Foreign Governments. Borrowed yet not from excess.

    1. Not just pensions, but any form of assistance lags years behind inflation (they usually only go up 1% every decade), and even wages and salaries lag behind.

  4. Trudeau says that he doesn’t ‘think about monetary policy’ when asked about economy, inflation. Look it up.

  5. 1:08 – Where the hell are you shopping? 🤨 Onions are NOT cheaper, they’re MORE EXPENSIVE. The last time onions were on sale was in January; then they went up and have only gotten more expensive since then. ¬_¬

  6. Food prices up. Check. Gas price up. Check. Housing prices up. Check. Taxes up. Check. Trudeau is crossing items off his bucket list.

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