Here's why straight-to-streaming blockbusters might never work 1

Here’s why straight-to-streaming blockbusters might never work


As a result of the pandemic, studios started releasing movies in theaters and on streaming on the same day. But is that really a good thing? CNN Business' Frank Pallotta explains why that strategy may not become the solution for your favorite blockbusters. #CNN #News #Business


  1. Everything is on the internet now even the precious movies in the theater they are always getting uploaded you’ll never stop people from watching movies for free

    1. @ArchThaBoss movies that hold so little value they’re not even downloaded folks just streaming don’t even save them

    2. @Robert J. Williamson it’s stealing if you downloaded it’s not stealing if you stream it

    3. @Qui-Gon Jinn yeah right.Same as its just fringe benefits not defrauding the government not tax evasion. Please. Its stealing.

    4. *’The Welfare State Discourages Work.’*


    1. Not even close really with how affordable a solid home theater experience is now. You couldn’t easily get ~50-60in HD tv’s, decent sound bars/surround sound, and a virtually infinite source of content back when VHS, DVD, or even early Bluray reigned supreme.

    2. Still have all my VHS and will never get rid of them. I don’t like streaming because I can’t horde it away forever.

  2. as someone in their late 20s i have no money to spend on a $30 movie trip (NYC) money to get there, the ticket is $25, the snacks are too expensive… it just doesnt make sense for me to see movies in the theater… i see maybe one to three movies a year MAX. last thing i saw was “sonic” i only go out to see things i REALLY want to support. (independent films are different)

  3. Black Widow is already up on all those free streaming sites lol, how is Disney going to charge $29.99 for it now?!

    1. @Arturo Romero – @”well to be fair your not paying for only black widow” – What else am I paying for?

    2. *’The Welfare State Discourages Work.’*


    3. @Michael G – @”They are factoring the price of 2 tickets at $15 Which most theaters charge Plus it’s the convenience of being at home so $30 really isn’t so so $30 really isn’t so much.” – When you watch at home, you save the theater money on staff to clean up after you, disinfect, and sell you tickets at the booth…. when we watch at home, their overhead is less. There’s no reason the cost should be the same as in the theater. They are inviting piracy.

  4. You mean big actors will have to be paid 5 million dollars per role instead of 10 million?!??!? How will they ever survive!

    1. Not to take away from your sarcasm, but for every dollar reported for actor pay, the actor takes home 25-33% of that amount.

  5. Movie and music Industries will adapt. There will be an innovative model that will allow all parties to win.

    1. But look what the music industry has become since streaming. It’s become spam on my Facebook page, with people claiming ” If you like so and so, you’ll like my crap”.

  6. I love that HBOMAX and Disney+ give me straight from theater movies and it’s not going to kill the Movie Theaters because there are some movies that I still would want to see on a big screen…

    1. I avoid theaters with an urban demographic. I don’t want my kids watching porn in a racial jungle. C’mon man!

  7. I’m so tired of the media reporter telling us there is “nothing like sitting in a movie theater and watching a movie on the big screen”Media companies (ironically) have no imagination and aren’t comfortable with technology. They finally pushed toward streaming when the pandemic hit and they lost serious amounts of money. But, this idea that they can’t make a profit unless they embrace the old dinosaur model of theatrical release is nonsense. Before Netflix House Of Cards, they couldn’t envision doing a streaming series. Now, where are we?

  8. I’m not going back to the movie theaters until 2022 that’s when I feel comfortable to go back.

    1. You will go when the Democratic party tells you to go. Mandatory Indoctrination; Coming To A Theater Near You.

    1. Lol so sad people like yourself don’t appreciate or even understand what the silver screen brings to a movie.

    2. @Doc I mean the sound… the visuals.. something you will never feel at home unless you are extremely rich

  9. When your franchise is so crappy you need to switch name to f9. Maker it Ctrl+Alt+Delete please.
    Imagine having a car race in that shyt…

  10. I am here waiting for Theatres to open. Seeing a movie on a big screen is fantastic. I can hardly wait!!

  11. “Until you realize how easy it is for your mind to be manipulated, you remain the puppet of someone else’s game.”
    ―Evita Ochel

    If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle.
    -Hillary Clinton

  12. Movie theaters are so overrated. I’d rather be in the comfort of my own home where a drink doesn’t cost 10 bucks, I can pause the movie, and someone isn’t kicking my seat.

  13. “Back in my day when you had trouble streaming, you went to the urologist and got your oil checked.”
    – CornPop Slayer

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