Here's why the Liberals and Conservatives are deadlocked in the polls | TREND LINE #shorts 1

Here’s why the Liberals and Conservatives are deadlocked in the polls | TREND LINE #shorts


In the latest nightly tracking data for CTV News and The Globe and Mail that was released Friday, the Liberals had the most support among Canadian females, with 37.1 per cent versus 29.6 per cent among males, while the Conservatives had 26.5 per cent support among females versus a whopping 40.7 per cent among males.

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  1. Check the like dislike ratios for any Trudeau or Liberal video. Pretty sure Liberals are in the basement. Canadians have woken up to Trudeau’s incompetency and corruption.

  2. Yes, women matter. They will be loyal as long as you are seen to represent their interest. They will stick by you.

    1. Which is interesting, because their interests in this case are being represented by a bunch of males.

      It’s almost as if it doesn’t really matter what you have going on between your legs when logic and reason are being employed.

      Hmmm… go figure.

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