Is COVID-19 to blame for skyrocketing gas prices? | Energy analyst explains what to prepare for 1

Is COVID-19 to blame for skyrocketing gas prices? | Energy analyst explains what to prepare for


Canadians for Affordable Energy President Dan McTeague explains why gas prices have surged in Toronto, and if it will spread across Canada.

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  1. Billionaires drive up fuel prices on the stock market, so that billionaires can profit from YOU at the pump.

    1. Hahaha that’s funny it’s called tax and carbon tax price at the barrel it’s called supply and demand.

    1. Gas prices were very costly when the Liberals weren’t in power. They were also very costly when the CPC were in power.

    2. ​@Dwayne Wladyka The last time the CPC was in power, the average gas price in Canada was 1.09/L, its now 1.38/L.

  2. Gas prices are a joke! should be way cheaper but greedy politicians and companies need to get paid! Goofs!

  3. Greedy oil companies have sold less with covid. Yet they want the big salary still so they raise the price

    1. Well for anyone else reading, we pay market rate.
      This isn’t Trudeau’s policy as we’ve been doing it for years. Imagine our economy if we didn’t pay market, we would become reliant on subsidized and once the government can’t subsidize anymore, we’d be f’d as we wouldn’t have adapted to the world market.

  4. Long weekend? Doesn’t the gas prices go up whenever there is a long weekend coming up?

    1. our gas went up for may long weekend and has not budged since, not one bit,even when the news was just reporting a drop in oil prices

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