1. Jack of all Trades cant sue trump is all trump was worried, About. Thoughts for people.. that guy served up lies!

    2. Idiotic and arrogant is going into a crowded indoor event that requires you to waive your right to sue due to their open admission that there is a deadly virus afoot, without a mask, and expect NOT to die.@junebugg719

    3. @D S Who cheered John Lewis death What are their names? What connect do they really have with Trump?

  1. Honestly, he went to that rally with no mask, he pretended facts were fake news and now he is dead.

    1. @Help I’m A Rock Yeah, so instead they spread the virus to someone else who died.
      In other words, they’re guilty of manslaughter.

    2. @Jeff M so you’re ok with him lying. Thanks for being honest. Just wanted to know what sort of person I was having a discussion with.

    3. @Jeff M by the way it’s interesting how you have moved your goal posts and went from “Fauci didn’t say masks didn’t work” to “yeah ok he said they didn’t work but that’s so hospital workers could have PPE gear”.
      But I shouldn’t be surprised. If you’re ok with being lied to, it’s easy to assume you’re a liar yourself. I guess you figure that’s what makes the world go round.

    4. @Help I’m A Rock I didn’t move any goal posts. I’m pretty sure he said they weren’t recommended for the general public at that time vs they are useless/don’t work as you said. I explained in detail why he said that at the time and my reasoning for being ok with it. Either your reading comprehension isnt very good or you still disagree. If you feel better about this by offering your opinion on what type of person you think I am that is what you should do. I already figured out what type you are from the posts of yours I have read.

    1. @Under the Surface

      Herman Cain Obituary

      Born December 13, 1945 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA

      Died July 30, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA (complications from COVID-19)

      Herman Cain was born on December 13, 1945 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. He was married to Gloria Etchison. He died on July 30, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


      Gloria Etchison (23 June 1968 – 30 June 2020) ( his death) ( 2 children)

    1. @Cecil Brisley ​ It’s really sad that the Marxist virus attacks freedom loving countries like America. Marxist countries like China, and Socialist countries in Europe, who permit totalitarian lockdowns, are not nearly as affected. Close your legs when you sit.

    2. @Gavin S. I’m not mocking it, i’m stating the obvious. We’ve warned the trumpist morons for months about this, this is the price for listening to trump and his kabal.

  2. So is the virus still a hoax?
    Instead of “seeking God’s strength and comfort” they should have worn a mask…such minor inconvenience

    1. @Stephen M I just went to that site for shits & giggles. The initial opening page told me all I needed to know. More useless internet misinformation and quack “science”.

    2. God gave these people Common Sense but they don’t use it. They rely on God protecting them from everything and that is just Stupidity!

    1. @Lonely 1 and yours should be “I’m lonely because I act like a 5th grader”. Helped you as well.

    1. Womp Womp I see the same amount of people NOT wearing masks, and what’s he difference, they’re both gatherings while in a pandemic.

    2. Orizo Hill Of course nobody knows. However, at the rally, he was in close contact with thousands of other idiots not wearing masks. He would have had more exposure there then in the previous and subsequent week before and after the rally, and the incubation time fits. So, common sense tells us there is a very likely chance that he was infected in Tulsa. If so, he threw away his life like an idiot just to please another idiot.

    1. @John Deegan
      “He had , as 3/4 of the country does, a pre existing condition”
      Really? LOL. 3/4 of the country? What a buffoon you are. Have you gone through 20 years of chemotherapy, like he did?

    2. @Mine Finder that’s even more reason he should have been wearing a mask and socially distancing. Watching trump boast about drinking a glass of water with 1 hand was obviously more important than spending his final years with his family.

    3. MetalDetroit
      No. Any person with a brain knows he cost not only his own life but other lives of morons who thought he was telling the truth that it was a hoax or not worse than a cold and no need for a mass. Those people’s families should SUE his estate although most are morons like you

    4. @Mine Finder He literally said Covid 19 was Democrats’ ‘New Hoax’. Direct quote. Very widely distributed video. You know that. So you are a liar.


  4. So the Donald Trump campaign deliberately removed the Social Distancing reserved seating placemats in the Tulsa stadiim in order to keep the audience larger than it reallyc was.

    Because Trump wanted his 6,000 supporters to look like 40,000 so in order to bolster the optics of a full house Trump overruled whoever tried to implement safe social Distancing so he packed them in like Sardines and now at least one of the loyal attendees has died thanks to Trump’s compulsive sociopath actions which consistently put Donald Trump’s needs before the American People!

    Simply confirming his 100% consistent behavior. 88 Days and counting. Be afraid America. There’s no telling what a wounded dog will do!

    1. say no to mail in fraud by the Democrats, Obama sold his soul to the Deep State for wealth, he is not in gov anymore and nobody listening to his propagenda and lies, he just showed how he is still a puppet for his Rothschild banking masters who own America still a slave for the Banking Globlist illuminta Zionist, mossad in Israel who have their NEW WORLD ORDER, taking all your freedom away and yourguns and police and letting all the prisoners out on the streets, people beleive anything they are being told by them through the media news that they own, dumb, dumber and completly dumbed down to no return of reality, sad sad sad day for the country

    2. @INSECT BITE *-* like just WOW. After everything Trump has done to your Country. You are still deluded. Wake up little boy!

      He went to an Atlanta hospital where quack doctors probably killed him. Hydroxychloroquine could have been given but was refused because the doctors hate him and Trump.

    2. @Pengiyin FOH! When a person with underlying health issues ignores the CDC & WHO dies, that’s on that individual. I am a New Yorker who has zero empathy for fools. Wear the fucking mask & stay out of harm’s way.

    3. @Carlton Beckford-Dozier sadly I can’t argue much with that. Well I have enough empathy to kinda feel sorry that a life was cut short anyway.

    4. Even better, apparently the doctors who diagnosed him with cancer said he had a 30% chance to live, and this was in 2006.

      So, he beat late stage cancer, the odds against him, and then died because he refused to wear a mask and take precautions.

  5. Herman Cain in 2019: There is no Corona Virus.

    Corona Virus in 2020: There is no Herman Cain.

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