Heroic teen grabs wheel, stops school bus after driver passes out #Shorts

A Michigan seventh grader is receiving praise for quick thinking after he jumped in when a school bus driver went unconscious.

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Dillon Reeves, 13, dreams of being a hockey player or a police officer someday. For now, the Michigan seventh grader is drawing attention for his bus-driving skills. The entire school district of Warren Consolidated Schools saluted him by hosting a ceremony for the community to come out and hear the story of how Dillon saved the day.

Dillon, a humble and quiet-spoken student at Carter Middle School, about 20 miles north of downtown Detroit, sprang into action during a bus ride home from school Wednesday afternoon when he saw that the driver had passed out behind the wheel.

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  1. Angels come in the world sizes this kid is truly an angel protecting the driver and the rest of the students on the bus. God bless him

  2. Cause he is a child, who could had been hipnotized by being in the cell but instead he was alert and jump in to action, thanks to him there is no accident where many could have died.

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  4. Bus company or the school should have medical check up to their employees maybe twice a year for this to be prevented from happening at the least, Ang try to encourage their employees to be physically fit.

  5. What a hero!!! This kid not only jumped in to action but he took control and told the kids to call 9-1-1 for the driver. What a great kid !!!

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