Why is Disney suing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis? Here’s what we know. | JUST THE FAQS

Here's what we know about escalating tensions between Disney and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

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Disney says in a new lawsuit that Gov. Ron DeSantis led a "targeted campaign of government retaliation" against the company, the latest chapter in a remarkable clash between the governor and the state's most iconic company.

Disney's lawsuit filed Wednesday in the U.S. District Court for north Florida accuses DeSantis of threatening the company's business and violating its constitutional rights, calling the government's actions "patently retaliatory, patently anti-business, and patently unconstitutional."

"But the Governor and his allies have made clear they do not care and will not stop." the lawsuit reads, adding that legal action is necessary to protect against a "relentless effort to weaponize government power against Disney in retaliation for expressing a political viewpoint unpopular with certain State officials."

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  1. So…you listen to DeSantis and suddenly it’s fact. Disney had a contract with Florida for the business it drew in.

  2. Define woke? Why doesn’t Ronda, her tall white boots, her tiny hands stay out of the world’s business? Ronda DeSantis doesn’t have an inkling of a chance at president! Disney is royalty 👑 🏰

    1. yeah such a big ego, that he allowed the state to stay open saving many businesses, speaks out AGAINST CBDC and digital ID and the wef thugs

  3. God bless Ron DeSantis! The righteous need to make a stand against evil. Evil should not be tolerated or given a platform to grow. Evil should be routed and destroyed.

  4. well desantis need to zoning around disney, low income housing

    then voila one week and disney fixed forever
    no visitors going to go there

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