‘He’s Gone From America’s Mayor To America’s Crazy Uncle, Now He’s America’s Most Wanted I Guess’ 1

‘He’s Gone From America’s Mayor To America’s Crazy Uncle, Now He’s America’s Most Wanted I Guess’


Former acting solicitor general Neal Katyal and senior columnist at Bloomberg Opinion Tim O’Brien discuss Rudy Giuliani being investigated by the office he used to lead in New York, and Donald Trump’s potential legal troubles when he leaves office. Aired on 12/22/2020.
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Katyal On Giuliani: ‘He’s Gone From America’s Mayor To America’s Crazy Uncle | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Rudy: “Do you think we’re stupid?!”
    America: “Go on…”
    Rudy: “Prove me nuts!!!”
    America: “Our job here is done.

    1. YES!! They are, many think support their side but they ALL LIE. Some maybe more than others but a lie is a lie.

    2. lol and its funny to watch the ppl in this thread blame one side over the other
      it shows u that some ppl are trying to help politicians divide us

    3. The day they can verbally explain the difference between the right and left without thinking that either side actually cares about them as far as politics is concerned.

    1. @Ticia o the number one way to borrow money is to use collateral
      trump was a real estate mogul with over $3 billion in properties
      he can take out loans pretty much anywhere dippy
      fkn deranged idiots
      so a magazine told u he cant take out loans and u believe them
      despite the fact banks only care about money and trump can make more for them than u
      as well as the fact they give out loans to millions of ppl that cannot pay them back every year
      i think theres a pattern here

    1. @Kenetic12 Who cares. The American people need help.

      I don’t care.

      Help the American citizens.

      Georgians vote early and vote BLUE.

    1. Seriously. But the Bar Associations are like lawyers’ unions today. Too much corruption, and ethics seem to mean nothing any more. They’re waiting for a conviction.

    1. For last four years America has drifted rudderless, with an unhinged pirate at the helm. A new captain takes over next month, but the ship is so full of holes it might never recover.

  2. I wonder if I defaulted on my mortgage if they would forgive me for my debt? Hummm maybe I should be banking with Deutsche.

    1. @DJM-anon you know what will happen? They will delete my comment. Then after maybe 30 reports, my account. All good. Our organization has over 30,000 accounts to use. Have fun doing your best to try to shut me up because being faced with the reality you have created in America scares you.

      Yqll wanted war, now when everyone says “okay, war it is” … now its “OH EMGEEZ” he said war! He said civil war, FBI help!!

    2. @Bhdhdd gjdjd Anti-American pig, if you don’t want to live under the constitution, you can leave and go live somewhere like Russia or the middle east where where you can bow down to a king/dictator. I live in America and we have laws, you should learn them.

    3. @DJM-anon    I’m the only one here talking about the constitution and other founding documents. Youre the marxist. I am 100% constitutionalist and a vehement follower of the philosophy described in the writings of the founding fathers, particularly Jefferson. Stop posturing and suddenly pretending to be a patriot because you’re scared.

    4. @DJM-anon I am not responsible for the fear you feel over being confronted with how constitutional militias are going to deal with marxists. Go posture and virtue signal to someone else commie.

    1. Mush mouth pudding brain Biden. Probably didn’t see much of that been MSNBC viewers. TARA READE and #metoo? Memory holed huh? Please.

    1. @V lol no biden will just put them on the boards of companies in other countries that have access to US foreign aid
      they cant make money for him in the WH

  3. When Rudy was the New York mayor, he allowed trump to run his criminal enterprise. Don’t think for a minute these two thugs, trump and Guiliana never committed crimes together.

    1. @The Terrain Wizard We have never been innocent, America has always been at the forefront of violence, war, and crime, and anyone who says otherwise is ignorant of the facts. We Americans aren’t doing any favors by ignoring the atrocities that we have done, or the wars we continue to instigate; we are the force starting almost all of the large scale wars. Our school curriculum is written to white-wash a lot of it, to ignore our crimes while pointing out those of other nations, and that is where we fail our children. Man up, admit the mistakes, and teach the next generations to do better….. but even in 2020 that isn’t going to happen because too few will acknowledge the facts of what we did.

    2. @The Terrain Wizard no he didnt
      wtf are talking about?
      do u even know when this all happened?
      u are on the internet but u seem to have no clue what ur talking about

    3. @Cid Sapient : Yes he did. Where have you been?

      America’s mayor represents our country so well, and clearly demonstrates how the USA is about profit over people.

  4. My favourite saying about Giuliani is that he’s gone from being the mayor of 9-11 to the 9-11 of mayors. I think that was Seth meyers.

    1. “I’ve fallen from grace, and I can’t get it up” – that can happen to a man who puts his hand down his trousers once to often.

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