'He's Gonna Sing': Giuliani Hires 3 Lawyers Amid Ukraine Scandal | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC 1

‘He’s Gonna Sing’: Giuliani Hires 3 Lawyers Amid Ukraine Scandal | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


In preparation for his defense, Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani has reportedly hired three criminal defense lawyers as he is under criminal investigation. Former Federal Prosecutor Glenn Kirschner argues “if Rudy Giuliani is charged, there's nowhere to go but up,” adding “he’s going to sing” rather than running the “risk of ending up in the Federal Bureau of Prisons”. Aired on 11/07/19.
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'He's Gonna Sing': Giuliani Hires 3 Lawyers Amid Ukraine Scandal | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. I am truly amazed at how Trump has convinced republicans within his administration, and in Congress, to help him destroy the Republican party, along with themselves. It’s like watching a snake eating itself from its tail. I have never seen a group of people fight soooo hard, just to keep from doing the right thing. What we are witnessing from republicans is truly jaw-dropping, stupefying, and appalling.

    1. Angela Estell you may be sensible, but that’s a low bar. You’re not reasonable nor informed. I’m an Independent you partisan tool. I just follow the facts. And you’re the kind of person who craves approval but never gets it. You think Trumpski approves of you but he thinks you’re a necessary joke. Now go continue to sell this country out. You disgust me.

    2. @J A C C I used to be independent as well ..I cant see myself EVER voting Democrat…they’re completely unhinged …your perception is off ..I am informed and reasonable…you’re going off the rails buttercup because someone believes differently then you …that’s par for the course in a know it all however ….never make assumptions about someone you don’t know ..I assure you I’m confident woman and I crave NO ONES attention..its shows your lack of maturity that you’ve became so angered …I have know idea how Trump feels about me personally and I assure you that neither do you …I absolutely could care less that I disgust you …it only means I’ve gotten underneath your thin skin

    3. Angela Estell no it means you’re a toady. Trump is no Republican. I respect true Republicans. What’s going on right now though, with this new class of Trump Republicans’ support, is criminal!and it’s destroying our constitution. Watch the darn impeachment hearings and don’t default the the pettifogging and disinformation being offered by these Republicans. There is very little question of what went on here and if you believe in the values this country was built on you’d recognize this president has to go… buttercup.

  2. Trumpty Dumpty said “build the wall”
    But Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall
    All the bad lawyers and evil con men
    Couldn’t save Trumpty from himself again

    1. @Just Lorien Lol, agreed, inadvertently I disparaged clowns for which I apologise.
      There is nothing funny about this circus.

    1. Mystery Meat Eeeeewwwww I just thru up in my mouth a bit
      Pretty sure they’ll need to put him out of reach of the other inmates….he did prosecute a lot of bad dudes.

  3. It seems like to me that Guiliani is saying , everything he did , he did upon request from his client, Donald Trump

  4. Remember when he was considered an American hero back in ’01? Now he’s just an insane criminal.Trump is so fn crooked his lawyers always end up in the gray bar hotel

    1. Squeegied 3rdeye He was a fake hero. The firefighters told the truth about Guiliani.

      His legacy shouldn’t be 9/11, it should only be for breaking up the mobs.

    1. rudy was born in the Ukraine and returned to visit family in a sworn testimony Mr Rudy never lies Remember he is the American mayor

    1. Get your popcorn and watch the clowns. Don’t know what made them think they could over throw the government. Must say they are putting up a good fight. Putin must have his eyes piled to the T.V. or Newspaper with his popcorn too, laughing up a storm.

  5. In 1 month Trump is like: “Who’s that Giuliani guy your are talking about? Never met him, maybe once, I don’t remember.”

    1. Trump said ” I haven’t talked to him (Giuliani) then Trump says later ” talked to Giuliani last night” what a nut case!!

    2. The lawyers gonna bury Biden, not Rudy. Democrats will have to be angry and chase Rudy lawyers for unearthing the evidence

    3. @Homie-Wan Kenobi and thÉn…you woke up and realized we’ve all been caught up in a horrible nightmare. Ü

  6. Here’s the part where everything he did was because Trump told him to
    Hilary called it > ” deplorables “

    1. That’s because he’s cut the scavengers off from feeding out of the public trough!
      You know the same people that made the Clintons, Reids, Gores, Feinsteins Obamas and even the Bernie Sanders of this world all fabulously wealthy!

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