Hezbollah Says It Launched Rockets From Lebanon After Israeli Airstrikes 1

Hezbollah Says It Launched Rockets From Lebanon After Israeli Airstrikes


Raf Sanchez reports on airstrikes between Israel and Lebanon.

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  1. Boring! Let us know when they’re actually going to war. Tired of the same boring skirmishes over who’s ancestors prayed to the right imaginary sky wizard

  2. Yay this is why I’m enjoying you all YouTube because of in as soon as you all get details you all put it out you tell us all together upon how to protect our life more

    1. The important detail, that Israeli strikes were on the sites that had launched missiles at Kiryat Shmona two days ago, was omitted.

    1. @L Mackay they don’t even have a civil government outside of Beirut. How would they be able to prevent that? They havnt had a military strong enough to defend itself since Israel completely destroyed their country in 1982–to route out the PLO, a terrorist organization that Israel routed out from Palestinian land into Lebanon

  3. And I’m positive Israel air striked Lebanon because they initially launched rockets at Israel…

    1. @Deborah Freedman when I see Palestinian homes being returned to their life alone is when you can claim Israel is doing the right thing

  4. So missiles were launched from Lebanon, hitting parts of Kiryat Shmona, and Israeli airstrikes hit those launch sites. Then Hezbollah attacks, and claims it is in retaliation, when the original provocation came from Lebanon. There is supposed to be a UN peacekeeping force, to prevent strikes like this. Why didn’t the UN force stop Kiryat Shmona from being attacked? Why haven’t they prevented the many incursions into Israel, through terror tunnels. What good is the UN?

    1. The government of Lebanon should control its territory and not rely on endless UN peacekeepers.

    1. Well buddy Lebanon hates Hezbollah and they can’t do anything about it cause of Iran. It’s not the people or country it’s the militia.

    2. @Alex AJ I am opposed to the $100 million U.S. aid package for Lebanon. The government of Lebanon is responsible for controlling its territory and stopping attacks on Israel. There should be no aid for Lebanon so long as Lebanon allows Hezbollah to operate within its borders.

  5. Oh, what’s that? two sides that have been slaughtering each other for forever are slaughtering each other again?? You don’t say…

  6. I ask the one lord who has witness the story of prophet Joseph and how his brothers bring his shirt with blood to his father Jacob, the one who has witnessed his shirt being cut from the backside due to the women, I ask him who has witnessed the bringing of the shirt to his father to gave him the good news. I ask you Allah who you witness everything to protect the children and old man who has been kicked out of their homes and surrounded in stripes …Amen

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