Cuomo Attorney Says Investigation Focuses On Pre-Determined Narrative

Kristen Gibbons Feden analyzes statements made by NY Gov. Cuomo's attorney.

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  1. Andrew is destroying his legacy which could have been strong. Certain AG James and team was ethical and thorough. Andrew needs to go ASAP.

    1. Today the aide who accused Cuomo has filed a criminal complaint. Arrest coming soon. Yet these GOP traitors are still running free. Travesty.

    2. Trump is so jealous of the notoriety Andrew is getting, since his ratings have almost fallen off a cliff.

  2. Where is the investigation on Trump? on Kavanaugh? on so many others? There is something more going on here.

    1. first of all that’s whataboutism, second of all Kavanaugh HAD an investigation, all the women recanted their accusations and Christine Ford’s story was debunked as it had a lack of evidence.

    2. What are you talking about? Trump underwent a huge investigation and continues to be investigated. Kavanaugh allegations were very old and uncorroborated, and some allegations were proven to be outright lies.

  3. Does anyone ever wonder if it was an attractive male celebrity that did this, or had an office crush on her, would Charlotte still say its sexual misconduct? I understand its an odd situation but I couldn’t help but wonder because from her interviews, it seems having an office crush is inappropriate. Would it be different if it was an attractive 28 year old male versus 60? Because a 60 year old is “creepy”, right? Anyone else wonder this as well? This is just about Charlotte and no one else.

    1. I disagree with your politics. But you have a natural comedic flair . I like that and it makes me more likely to reconsider my view than if called me an ignorant Russian spy not

    2. Democrats will label him ‘Republican’ in the coming weeks so they won’t have to put blame on the Democratic party for supporting Cuomo’s ignorance.

  4. Imagine being accused of dozen time harassment and being angry about what and how it went public.. Lol

  5. This is beyond the point of being rediculous as it’s another case of believe all waman. Guilty or not as a man you can’t defend against this except having camera wherever you are or just not have any female associates or be alone with them.

  6. The AG did a fact finding investigation and verified all the accusations against him.
    So they essentially proved his guilt. Now it’s up to the victims to choose if they want to fight him in court to see him convicted.
    As well as the state legislature to decide whether they should impeach him, which they 100% should if he won’t resign immediately.

  7. It takes a “BRAVE” man to own up to his mistake(s). The writing is on the “WALL,” goodbye Cuomo.

  8. As long as the “pre-determined narrative” was based on fairly solid facts nothing is wrong … the more so now the facts have been proven to be true.

  9. A white man doesn’t have a prayer of winning in today’s climate. After listening to some of his lawyers points, I have some doubts about his guilt. And I’m not even a fan of Cuomo.

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