Republican Leaders Throw In The Towel When It Comes To Covid | MSNBC 1

Republican Leaders Throw In The Towel When It Comes To Covid | MSNBC


Former Baltimore Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen, marketing and branding expert Donny Deutsch, and investigative reporter for the New York Times Nick Confessore discuss Republicans being divided on vaccine messaging as their states become overwhelmed with covid cases.

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    1. @Ima Lovejoy LMAO You seem to be the one who is poorly educated when that lady admitted that she lied.

    2. If you insist on masking do not buy the brand MAGID they contain chemiicals that cause cancer. Bigpharm loves cancer

    3. @bert larsen You who have never been willing to mask up and socially distance nor get vaccinated are no better.

  1. Schools just need to ignore DeSantis and do what they need to do to protect the children.
    Masks for students and staff.

    1. How about all power to the Soviets of Workers, Soldiers and common folk. Degenerative or Corporate Capitalism must be obliterated, along with social fascists.

  2. he does not protect parents right to choose, he tells them there are going to be no mask mandates. that is not letting parents choose. desantis SUCKS.

    1. @just commenting What adverse side effects? Are they, these side effects, as adverse as the delta variant? You seem to be well informed so I’m asking for a friend.

    1. Cloth and medical masks don’t protect from the delta variant. Those are the masks that most people are using. A guest on CNN even said that.

    2. that is not to celebrate. Children have very few issues with covid and getting back to learning in person, seeing faces, is more important.

    3. How about all power to the Soviets of Workers, Soldiers and common folk. Degenerative or Corporate Capitalism must be obliterated, along with social fascists.

    1. Go ahead, all you would be doing is forfeiting your first amendment rights to a socialist government. You democrats are really brain washed. I feel sorry for you.

    2. @Goo Gle were you at the Capitol tearing it up, you sound like you don’t care about our country, I hope you didn’t get vaccinated

    3. @Goo Gle It is not a matter of Republican or Democratic. It is not a matter of constitutionality, it is a Global Health emergency that has killed over 600,000 of our people in the span of one year. I feel sorry for you and your selfish, self delusion.

    1. @bert larsen you’re going to need those immigrants to replace all the covid deaths you have had/have coming up bro. It’s a net break even. Don’t even be mad they gona be cleaning your homes n stuff.

    2. @Dimitri VforVictory hey I’m all good with them cleaning my house, but when you scream about the unvaccinated and so worried about covid remember Biden and his administration are allowing thousands and thousands untested and illegal through the southern border.

    3. @Vvoh vaelez Nah, we care about the illegals with covid because it goes to show that the Democrat party has no standards.

    1. I personally know plenty of Dems that are for masks but against vaxx…just ask around the Dems you know. This (in real life) is far from political. The issue is mistrust of the gov’t and this vaxx. Period

    2. Notta chance. In fact, there is a wave of Americans who can no longer stand what your creepy president has done to our once great nation in just 6 months. He is going to be impeached for endangering you, me, and the other 330 million Americans for allowing illegal migrants, covid positive, nonetheless, wander all over our country. It’s coming.

    3. @ljet3245 “In real life”, huh? Tell that to “Goo Gle”. The moron who (ironically) left the political/nonsensical comment, right after yours.
      Vaccine hesitancy is real (some understandable i.e. Tuskegee). But most of it is coming out of “red states”. If it isn’t a “political” matter, it is most definitely one of education. Education, the GOP is directly responsible for in those areas. It is their duty to protect their citizens, in their communities.
      Check and mate.

    4. @Goo Gle This is my favorite “new” talking point — impeaching Biden for the leadership failures of Trump. If you think the first six months of any Presidency is consequential enough to shift the trajectory of a Nation, then you are not a scholar of history. Also, what evidence of COVID-Positive “illegals” do you have? Are you in possession of their test results? But wait…would that not violate their HIPAA rights? Perhaps you think HIPAA only applies if you are a citizen of the USA?

  3. “If I don’t own the libs, my poll numbers will go down….I don’t care if my citizens go down.”

    1. Trust me, the libs are doing all of their own self-defeat….we need not interfere, it’s all taken care of when you have open borders allowing covid positive illegals into our country during a pandemic. Your defunding police and crime is at an all time high. No sir, we will just let your party self-destruct…..thank you.

    2. @Goo Gle All of what you mentioned was installed and set up by the last administration. The crisis at the boarder = Trump-era intimidation of immigrants and executive anti-immigration policies; (2) defunding the police = years of Republican blockades against police accountability, criminal justice reform, and removing or revising qualified immunity. The list goes on, but you are likely to disagree since the facts do not agree with your opinions.

    3. @Goo Gle “when you have open borders”? We don’t have not do we want open borders, we may support legal immigration and DACA which allows for people who were brought into this country as young children who have grown and lived here their entire lives and contribute to our communities and nation everyday, BUT that does not equate to liberals wanting open borders nor does it mean we currently have open borders. “Liberals want to “defund” the police”? We do not want to “defund” police, we just don’t want our judicial system to be used as a means of oppressing already marginalized social groups up to and including police murdering them or anyone else for that matter. It’s not a police officers job to play judge and jury and to abuse or murder innocent people, yes I said innocent because we all regardless of who we are, are supposed to maintain our innocence until we are tried and convicted of said crimes, which can’t be done if police are murdering suspects. So no we do not want to “defund” what we do want is our judicial system to do what what we pay it to do and perhaps move tax funds approved for them, into better training and screening of public servants such as police AND better oversight via separate agencies to ensure that things run the way we want them to since we are NOT ok with our fellow citizens being harassed, oppressed, and/or murdered buy our judicial system. Now, how you believe that will somehow obliterate the liberal party, is beyond any logic?.

  4. If my kids were still in school they would definitely be getting home schooled. This is no joke. These children are at enough risk by not being able to get vaccinated. They should all be wearing masks.

    1. I have encouraged my extended family to home school for now. Kids are too precious to take a chance with the Delta variant running rampant.

    2. If your kids were home-schooled, would they wear masks? If not…why? What makes your kids so special?

    1. When the president of the united states is charged first. I mean afterall, he is allowing covid positive illegals to pour into our country (over 1 million now since January). And how about Gov Cuomo, he killed over 15,000 nursing home patients by exposing them to covid positive people. I can tell you people are not getting the full story on your fake news networks. You act like you know nothing about the southern border????

  5. We have been failing kids for decades by reducing schools to MCATs. Carving up education for decades. The fact that Trump is so popular proves the cost.

    1. Yep, he’s worshipped by real underachievers. Look at the individuals arrested after the Capitol attack.

    2. Amen. I was shocked when I learned the kids can’t read cursive writing or tell time. Many teachers are dumb as stumps, too.

    3. All I ask is we do not resort to base name calling: calling people dumb or underachieviers. It is hard enough trying to tell someone they are uneducated through no fault of their own. People are proud. People will close themselves off to dialog when they feel insulted. Gandalf told Frodo to take great care after he heard Frodo’s judgment of Golum. People also support Trump because they feel betrayed by the system. There is real anger that needs to be addressed. On all sides. There is a system of globalism hypercapitalism that is destroying the planet. Right now. Sadly, the internet, the greatest hope we have has become an instrument of propaganda. Trouble is, most folks think they are too smart to fall for such. If we taught critical thinking, or added Jacques Ellul to high school curricular, people might be better trained to live in the modern world. Educated.

  6. The saddest part about this is watching “children” wear their masks without complaints, while ADULTS whine about taking simple precautions. Very sad

    1. @Nick Romo How much do you know about routes of exposure?

      Do you think that respiratory droplets could enter your body, via your eyes? Do me a favor: Pull back the skin around your eye. You see all that RED? That’s a capillary bed. It goes STRAIGHT to your bloodstream. Where do you recogn your bloodstream goes into? Your heart and lungs, maybe? How many times did you wear eye protection, along with your mask? I’m willing to bet I know a lot more about exposures, and other medical situations, than you do. I’ve been an EMT for 20 years. What have you done?

      Tell you what: You take your YouTube Doctor degree, and go offer your opinion to someone else. Sound good?

    2. @Louis Tully NO, YT doesn’t but whomever set up the channel page has it set up to block links. That is for children under 9 and that is for covid NOT the delta variant, the delta variant infects all age groups even those under nine

    3. @firestream93 the covid stimulus comes from treasury bonds, what does that have to do with anything?

    4. @firestream93 I read that you could get the virus if you stub your toe or step on a Rusty nail. Gotta be careful. Who knew stubbing a toe could be so risky?

  7. I don’t expect DeSantis to care about the people who are dying – he is, after all, a Trump Republican – but you’d think he might be concerned about the shrinking GOP voter pool. Seems like a steep price to ‘own the libs’.

    1. @Bradyn Lotterman From PolitiFact reported and agreed…..The post was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed.

    2. The more unvaccinated folks die the better America will be. The virus is cleaning the unless chaff from the country!

    3. @Goo Gle LOL for years ya all have been telling me to “wake up” and now ya all are berating me for “being woke”……Like ya can’t make up your mind if I am a marxist, a liberal, a communist, a nazi, cause you use these labels interchangeable……I am sorry I am laughing because you just repeat whatever you are told….it is actually sad. Now call me a sheep while chanting WWG1WGA Where We Go One We Go All……LOLOLOLOLOL sorry

    4. @jerry jerry people coming here are coming from places with less virus. They are risking their lives, especially if they end up in a stupid state. DeSantis is not sharing any information on how many of these scary people spreading virus are actually taking up ICU hospital beds…….

    5. @filo betto for the most part that is true now…..but the first 600K were innocent, like GW Bush’s big lie and subsequent shock n awe……. And now the children are also just collateral damage.

    1. @Elaine Burnett interesting but sad. Don’t be upset when the libs throw that comment back in your face or call you a hypocrite. Not that you’d care. But I leave that fight between you and the libs while I sit back and watch y’all try and destroy each other.

  8. DeSantis and every other “leader” who keeps banning mask mandates should be locked up or if anything able to be PERSONALLY sued by victims whether or not they are vaccinated.

    1. For what????? Masks might prevent a droplet….
      In other words, they’re worthless…… Stop watching TV

  9. Every Floridian should see straight through his dangerous self serving agenda. He don’t care about children or anyone for that matter. It’s all to try and hang on to the base and further his political career…pathetic.

    1. @Goo Gle DeSantis just ruin all possibilities of him becoming president for himself, sad that this could’ve make or break his presidency, instead of learning from Trump mistake, he follow suit and destroy his own credibility! What a way to go.. smh lol

    1. Before the pandemic Americans had a choice… pandemic democrats don’t believe in choice….but they believe in abortion, CRT, open borders…..hmmm…I smell a Hypocrite!

  10. Don’t let covidiots decide what’s going to happen in the schools- they’re the best example of poor education I’ve ever seen..

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