HHS Sec. Becerra Talks Pfizer Vaccinations For Kids, American Families Plan, ACA Enrollment | MSNBC

Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra joined Stephanie Ruhle for a wide-ranging interview to discuss the FDA's decision to authorize the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine for children 12 to 15, Obamacare sign-ups reaching 1 million during the special enrollment window, along with President Biden's sweeping economic proposals and how the White House plans to prevent fraud.

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HHS Sec. Becerra Talks Pfizer Vaccinations For Kids, American Families Plan, ACA Enrollment | MSNBC


    1. @D S Where did I say anything about it being bad or good. I’m merely pointing out that she’s a republican. You need help with your tenuous grip on reality, princess.

    2. @CShield You pick debates, get sidetracked on irrelevant rants, and fail hard.. Then you continue to push hate against the people your mindlessly bullying? That’s sad.

    3. @Google User Thanks for proving that MAGAts can only project. I’ve stayed on topic, princess. It’s not my fault you lack reading comprehension skills. 😘

    1. @Howard “mRNA won’t reprogram your brain. But it does reprogram some of your cells, in a manner of speaking. And that’s not a defect — it’s intentional.

      To get your head around this you need to understand what mRNA is for. Basically, it’s a single-stranded nucleic acid molecule that carries a genetic sequence from the DNA in the cell’s nucleus into the protein factories — called ribosomes — that sit outside the nucleus in the cellular cytoplasm.

      That’s what the “m” in mRNA stands for: messenger. Messenger RNA just carries instructions for the assembly of proteins from the DNA template to the ribosomes. (Proteins do almost everything that matters in the body.) That’s it.”

    2. @CShield So first it was not genetically engineered.. Now it is and everything else is also genetically engineered? Flopping around much? I never said anything about traditional vaccines either 😂😂

    3. @Google Gurgle Where have I told anyone what to do? What’s with you people and your projection? 😂

  1. Watching this show is like watching a toilet flush….wear your 5 masks….LOL….

  2. Thanks Trump for getting the vaccines so soon…..you saved many lives…..your a hero…

    1. @Jay Garrett Says someone who has listened to nothing scientific except what MSNBC puts on. less kids will die from the Wuhan in over 1 year , 14-18 months, than 1 4 month Flu season.

  3. was just at a bodega in the Bronx and this lady mentions to the 15 year old behind the counter boy where he can go to get vaccinated nearby… Very Nice!

    1. @Adolf Hitler good am happy to hear you won’t be protected, you can’t even spell deny right

  4. Will Biden admin ask all staff to be vaccinated, as kids are REQUIRED to prior to school starting? hmm, CDC Dir. Wallensky as was asked to you in hearing today?

    1. It’s true. Now listen carefully, go to your basement with a can of beans, mosquito repellent and a rabbit’s foot. Now stay there and don’t come out till I come and knock on your door. The password is “Biden”.

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