Former GOP Rep. On Vote To Oust Cheney From Leadership: ‘Purely A Political Calculation’ | MSNBC


    1. @Just passing through. Republicans, we worship an imaginary deity with a fetish for killing the babes of our enemies but preach that every life is sacred.

    2. @sofakings2pid I’m triggered over these breakfast burritos. They’re delicious.

    3. @sofakings2pid One sentence and you had to edit. lmao
      Go easy on me genius. 😂

  1. GQP: “We hate cancel culture! Wait… there’s a woman in a high position having thoughts of her own and voicing her own opinion in our party instead of staying quiet, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen slavin’ over a hot stove?! WE CAN’T HAVE THAT! KICK’ER OUT!”

    1. @Eric Burton if the views of her constituents are lies then she has the responsibility to set the record straight. Unfortunately, her peers are more concerned with gaining political power than speaking the truth. So, they’re bowing to the whims of the sheep instead of standing up for the truth.
      “Thou shall not bear false witness” is flexible when it comes to Christian Conservatives. Unfortunately for them, their god doesn’t look at it that way.

    2. @Eric Burton Cheney won 68.7% of the vote last year. That’s doing pretty well with your constituents. She hasn’t changed. Trump has. She didn’t become an insurrectionist. He did. She also has a responsibility to represent the 31.3% of her constituents who didn’t vote for her, something Mr. Trump never bothered to try to do when he won only 46.2% of the vote in 2016. Liberals decry the support that someone like Schumer gives big business and the government of Israel, along with his more progressive policies. Chuck Schumer realizes that he represents the business center of the nation and lots of people who have strong ties to the State of Israel, as well as poverty-stricken, underpaid workers, so he gets the support (and vocally supports) the Working Families Party too. Chuck Schumer won 70% of the vote last time he ran. That you are mentioning Trump at all is a problem the Republican Party has. In 1981, was anyone concerned about Jimmy Carter any more? In 1985, Mondale? In 1989, Dukakis? In 2001, Gore? In 2005, Kerry? In 2017, Hillary? Why on earth are Republicans rallying around their loser in the year following his loss? Well, they have painted themselves into a corner. They have no practical ideas to counter those of the Democrats. Their only idea is to let the problems of the 99% fester, to let the country drift…endlessly, and to let the billionaires, who could easily leave the country and live anywhere else (what country would turn down a billionaire?) and ignore it all and continue to finance the GOP as long as their assets in the USA are protected. If they had worked all these years on problems with Democrats, we wouldn’t see Biden wanting to spend an extra $6,000,000,000,000 this year, because there would not have been those giant tax cuts for the wealthy, problems would have been being addressed as they arose, not twenty years later when an emergency allows Biden to think big and the solutions all cost more. What Republican politicians have left is a cult of personality centered on a man they don’t actually believe in and who doesn’t believe in them, who doesn’t believe in anything. Graham as much as admitted that. The only person the GOP has to enable them to maybe stay in power is Donald Trump. The party has nothing or anyone else to offer. I would add that they haven’t had anything useful to offer in 40 years. Iraq War? Social security privatization? Trade war with China? Scrapping the ACA with no sensible replacement? Muddled, shifting and conflicting COVID responses? Have or would any of these provide any benefit to the people of the USA? All they’ve got left is Trump. And what is Cheney offering? Nothing but support for a 9/11-type commission to look into January 6th. And what about economics? And what about foreign policy? And what about health care, Liz? Same old, same old?

    1. Well said. These people at best are willfully ignorant. We both know their straight up evil people thought

    1. And it seems the ones who support Trump are called Racist, White Supremist, Nazi, Russian. Why was Marjorie Taylor Greene removed? Oh thats right, she supported Trump and repeated things he said.

  2. McCarthy needs to go right with her,,, both are turncoats and need to hide from America,, because once the masses are truly waken,, the entire government will crap their pants,,, lol

  3. About Biden’s family scandal?
    What about bad jobs report?
    What about more than 500 coronavirus deaths daily today,?
    What about More Money Printing?
    What about HUGE, HUGE, HUGE DEBT.?
    NO WORD.
    FREEDOM OF PRESS TODAY!!!!!!@@@!!@

  4. i like how they say “non partisan news” then you hear “free thought and debate, yeah right” lmfao come on

    1. please explain how republicans can be the party of “free thought and debate” yet cancel anyone who doesn’t declare Trump as their lord and savior

    2. @lennycrew3 Noone canceled Cheney before she betrayed Trump. Her dad was a war criminal and profiteer that bought her seat. He then took over the the DNC with hillary and Karl Rove. Read Donna Brazilles book she used to head the DNC before the neocons took over. The election was stolen in a massive coup that has been very public in various articles including your precious main stream media. Cheneys role in the coup was essential. Just like her dads role in 911, Iraq and Pakistan was essential. Google WMD Iraq Curveball. He falsified infotmation and was an actual source of information that led to war. Wiki Office of strategic planning. Iggnorance is easier though. China buying up the media companies has no effects its all a lie. “Biden loves little girls”

    3. @lennycrew3 You are soooo far wrong it ain’t funny. I can name over a hundred right wing senator’s,Governor’s, and House Reps that will debate, Your side, I can name like 3 Dems. All your talk show hosts and late night shows won’t even have right wing guests because their “Racist” or “Hateful speach” Your side is full of cowards that won’t let the right wing or any conservative platform be heard. God forgive people hear common sense logic. They shut down truths and logic

  5. If you ever find yourself so attached to a single person that you aren’t allowed to disagree with them, you are in a bad situation that has no good end.

    1. @Mathu Rex that is why she spoke out. It’s been settled. There was no fraud. Trump lost. Do you hear what you are saying? She is disobeying her party and constituents because she WON’T lie. This is the joke the GOP has become.

  6. No she’s being removed for not following the constitution and allowing him due process to being accused and voting to convict him during an impeachment

  7. She also wants us to stay in Afghanistan, so… I’m sure it isn’t simply down to “me no like orange man!!1”. She’s in the pocket of the military industrial complex just like her father.

    1. EVERYONE is in the pocket of the military industrial complex…. that’s the US period… biggest, unnecessary, wasteful socialist program the US spends… big government … and both sides of the aisle are wrapped up in it.

  8. There’s only one big tent the GOP falls under any more, and it ain’t representative of Americans.

    1. no, it’s now basically considered by most Americans and 100% of patriots that the GOP is anti American and pro terrorism…. it’s time they all go

  9. Since when has this kind of stuff not been? They have been trying to get rid of the people they hate on each side for the last decade

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