Fashion CEO Lisa Sun Details Being Victim Of Anti-Asian Attack In NYC | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Gravitas CEO Lisa Sun details an anti-Asian attack against her in New York City, and NBC News' Vicky Nguyen discusses assisting Sun in reporting the attack.

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Fashion CEO Details Being Victim Of Anti-Asian Attack In NYC | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. when you are threatened by any Asian woman walking … you are feeling more inferior than that person you are JEALOUS of

    1. Ah yes more distraction from the real issues. Thanks To Joey, keystone pipeline shut down 1st week in office. Now another Shortage of gas. Ofcourse he shut it down to help his buddies who invested in electric car, train stock make millions. All dictators. Honestly, these Democrats and gop are like big caca floating in the toilet that needs to be flushed.

    2. @Tech ti Wow. You’re a very special kind of person, clearly.
      Thankfully you’re in the cray-cray minority – get help.

  2. Shortly after the disastrous GOP results in the midterms:

    A mom is taking her son to a mall for his birthday. They pass a disheveled figure slumped in a doorway, crying out in an alarming way. The little boy clings to his Mom ‘why is the man sitting in the wet like that?’ ‘Don’t get too close’, she says, ‘I think he has had an accident’. ‘Shouldn’t we call some help Mom’, ‘It’s OK, those men nearby there are his special force officers, they will look after him’. ‘Wow, Mom, real G men, who is he?’.

    ‘Well you may be too young to understand, but we have people who decide on our laws, to keep us safe’. ‘Every few years they choose a leader, when the old one can’t do his job any more’. ‘This time they chose a woman, because the old leader was having problems in his head, he kept telling lies, that he won the last election when really he lost it’. ‘Losing badly affected him and he had done something very naughty to try to change it, but like most very naughty things, he got caught out for all his lies, just like that bully at school.

    ‘But why did he grow up to be a such a liar?’ ‘Oh so many questions darling’. ‘Well, if a Mom and Dad don’t show any love to their little baby, the little one grows up with sad ideas in his head, he doesn’t think anyone loves him and he feels very bad inside. He pretends to himself that people love him but he knows it’s a lie and it makes him worse, it makes him very angry and full of bad thoughts ‘. ‘Sadly they can never find any comfort and though they get older, much older, inside they stay like that lonely little child; you know how your baby brother can be when he is scared or unhappy’.

    ‘Mom, the lady they chose for a leader, was she a good person or does she want to do naughty things?. ‘She was a good woman, she was the only one who could see how much his lying had hurt people and she told him off, he didn’t like it one bit and he bullied his gang to be nasty to her, but eventually they saw that she was right ‘.

    ‘In a couple of years from now, us Moms and Dads get to choose who will be the leader for the whole country’. ‘I hope you don’t choose someone like that bad man, the one who kept telling that big lie’. ‘No we won’t do that again my son’.

  3. From ALL America, our embarrassed Apologies to our fellow Asian Americans! This is NOT THE REAL AMERICA IT SHOULD BE !!

    1. You might not be (so thank you), but it IS for ‘America’ … and encouraged by the Gov. Take a trip to the library friend.

  4. Ignorance is detrimental to democracy and igonorance thrives on ridicule, blame, fear and hate, with unfortunately a global monopolistic news and broadcasting media empire, happily spreading misinformation and denying scientific evidence and proven facts

  5. Oh yeah, tell me again GQP about how the current laws are adequate against this sort of thing.

    1. It feels to me like members of the GOP do not want to vote for such measures because they would then implicitly admit that there ate serious racial problems in this country. Many of their base who listen to Fox News probably are used to hearing that this is not a racist country

  6. We’re never going to achieve Star Trek levels of universal society the way we’re going now. Aliens are gonna have a field day taking over our 🌎.

    1. Aliens are probably laughing at lefty humans who think they can bring the LGBTQ+ community together with that religion who literally executes them as it’s forbidden by their god and number one prophet.

    2. The planet has already been taken over by violent people. The largest armies of the planet, run the planet.

    3. Isn’t the government suppose to reveal, to the American public, if they have been dealing with alien interaction ( or something of that nature) next month?

    1. They keep showing you the same images, why don’t you know?
      And why aren’t they talking about the 3 white guys who decapitated an Asian man???????

  7. …”pathetic one race can conlude there by own parciality dense as acting as judge,jury and execusioner”.πŸ˜ŽπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1οΈβƒ£πŸ‘Š

  8. Yes, do something. Anything. Never ever resign yourself to victim hood. That doesn’t accomplish anything.

    Educate educate educate!

  9. Thanks Mika. Wouldn’t be the same without your voice on these issues. Dignified people want to turn the other cheek but it’s never effective with bullies.

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