Medina Spirit Treated With Ointment Which Included Banned Drug | MSNBC 1

Medina Spirit Treated With Ointment Which Included Banned Drug | MSNBC


Bob Baffert, Hall of Fame trainer to Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit, has released a statement saying the horse was given an ointment, at the direction of a veterinarian, that may have contained betamethasone. NBC News’ Meagan Fitzgerald reports.

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Horse Trainer: Kentucky Derby Winner Treated With Ointment Which Included Banned Drug | MSNBC


  1. “Yes, look, because I am a professional, know the rules exactly and I have been doing this for decades. That’s why.”

    1. IF…what he says is true, then the veterinarian knew it too…
      One thing I don’t quite get. A lot of the comments assume that this is like a 1950’s movie. This horse and the others are under intense scrutiny well before and after the race. If people are trying to suggest it was Bob with a “sneaky needle” in the middle of the night…nope.
      Once the Vet was brought into it…lets see what he and the science say.

    2. @J Barnhart….J, Baffert will not do it, the vet will with Baffert standing next to him. You can bet your neck that the vet….won money at the races that day.

    3. @Agustin DeJesus Yeah…except that for one bet he loses his job, credibility and goes to jail…criminal fraud, there are laws in horse-racing states.
      I’ll take that bet.
      I wouldn’t doubt that he did it…thinking that he was “sliding by” the rules.
      Doping in sports is tricky. The drug was present in the blood. Do the rules allow for incidental contamination?
      I think that the media also glosses over the fact that there is no “performance issue” the real issue is danger to the horse and other teams. Was there?

    4. @J Barnhart ….J, I agree. He did not learn anything from the other cheater Jason, three years ago.

  2. Denied Denied that’s the new thing now, his derby horse and he doesn’t know how on earth did that drug end up in Medina Sprit blood,

    1. Sure they do it was in a creme no doping no one thinks that but he LL lose the purse just cost him 2 million and plus about another 10 million in stallion rights if I owe the horse id have to pull him out if the barn for just costing 12 million on an rash cream

    2. Mikey, he changed his story. Yesterday he has no idea how, today he say it might has been a patch but he didn’t know the patch contained such a drug. First he said the horse was not treated with any drug.

  3. And Don Jr. tried some smelling salts that may have been laced with coke before his tv interview.

  4. There’s one veterinarian thrown under the bus. Guess the doc was just told, “They’re leisure horses…”

    1. No, they won’t have a country vet within a hundred yards of these horses!
      The vet is part of the team, usually lives at the stables, and works with the owner and trainer to develop a treatment plan for maximum performance.

  5. After crying cancel culture on Fox and Foes, now it’s the absent minded grandpa excuse.

    1. Of course Bob Baffert is a victim of cancel culture. Everyone knows that Churchill Downs is a hotbed of liberalism, and that the thoroughbred racing community is teeming with wild-eyed animal activists who are just itching to shine a light on big money horse doping. Poor, brave Bob has no chance against such a vile conspiracy.

    2. He did not know about the dermatitis treatment. I check all of my animals’ meds. cause I have to explain what I did when they have a reaction.

  6. He’ll keep telling lies repeatedly till it becomes true to many ears…, kinda reminds me of a certain someone

    1. You are the unfortunate negative result of being born into a world established by better men

    2. @Grey Goose 4×4 An you I guess are the positive result HaHaHa good one keep tell me stories

  7. This would be like a legendary body builder like Arnold saying ” I had no idea that this vitamin had steroids. Being a legend implies you have knowledge beyond an amateur.

  8. This is his 5th drug violation in a year. If it were his 1st, I’d give him the benefit of the doubt, not his 5th. A d he’s an experienced trainer, not a novice. This is no accident.

  9. I just feel bad for the horse. He’s gonna be pretty disappointed when he finds out he’s a horse.

  10. I saw the rear on the horse. There is hair missing. My horses never looked like that. They did have hives from bites.

  11. How can you be a Hall of Fame trainer if you’re shooting up your horses with God knows what drugs without their consent?

  12. Hey Bob How Many sable burning has you been envolved with on the past 20 years at San Anita tace track ?

  13. Bro it’s a messed up world we live in so people do what makes you Happy. In the end nobody’s getting away with nothing remember that

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