HHS Secy. Becerra Backs Menthol Cigarette Ban: 'The Case Is Closed On This One' | MSNBC 1

HHS Secy. Becerra Backs Menthol Cigarette Ban: ‘The Case Is Closed On This One’ | MSNBC


Xavier Becerra, Secretary of Health and Human Services, tells Andrea Mitchell that he supports the push by the FDA to ban menthol cigarettes over addiction concerns, saying that "the case is closed on this one." Andrea also asks him to assess the decision by New York City to fully reopen in July, and comment on the current situation housing unaccompanied minors at the border.
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    1. Pro tip: watch series at Flixzone. I’ve been using it for watching lots of of movies during the lockdown.

    1. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords She’s had an extraordinary career, and was great in her heyday, but listening to her now reminds me of when people used to have Dinah Shore on to sing well past her prime. The effort to pay homage to a “once great talent” hurts them.

  1. Q: But will he be the first to recognize the importance of a uniform nationalized high complex proficiency standard under Clia’s-88 Ammendment act! Doubt it?

    1. @Dale Hartley You must have been around for a while then as I am in my sixties.
      And no, I didn’t mean to sound the way I did.
      I too abhor when folks (even I ) use absolute terms. So in general I accept your critique. I drink some beer, and smoke some weed, generally not together.
      You too stay safe and healthy, and if it means anything, happy 4:20 (time, not date).
      Any relation to the Harley’s in Montreal ?

    2. @Reg U not all drinkers are crazy. I’m an alcoholic that’s cut back from 30+ beers a day down to 4-8 depending on the day and I’ve never been mad or tried to fight or attack people.

      But alcohol is horrible and cannabis and mushrooms has helped me quit drinking myself to death.

    3. @Chronic Crypto I don’t believe I said “all drinkers”, but I get the point. As I said in other comments here, I am in my sixties, drink beer and smoke.
      Not together though.Bad combo for me.
      Congrats on the drastic decrease in booze.I used to drink (only) six King Cans (955 ml.) go to bed, wake up buzzed and go to work.
      Now it is a few beer for the night, or a smoke or two.
      Keep healthy and working on it.

    4. @Reg U lol no its Hartley and my mother who is the genealogist in the family can only go back a few generations then we just blend into the landscape. The path they took was from Kentucky into Indiana then Illinois, but certainly not Canada 😉 ( not that I mind Canada, just way further north and cold then here lol)
      btw im in my 50s, but long enough to see family develop problems from it ( and meth so I can give a good comparison, and I would prefer pot ANY day over meth), and my father smoked it from the 60’s. I never knew him till his last 20 years really, but he never seemed to have any problems from it. Other still alive members though are still going through problems from it. I think it affects different people differently, one of the big reasons I bristle at those statements. I have been around alcoholics that were “working” alcoholics to…like my adopted father. Never mean or aggressive, but he was snookered a lot. Then a step father that if he drank Vodka would get mean and violent, and my wife’s step father would get the same way if he drank Rum. I have read somewhere that it has todo with the alcohol and getting them to the same level of drunkenness they were in at some point in the past quickly. But who knows, I read that years ago and its not my field. Past them I mainly dealt with happy, or stupid drunks. I hate beer to this day because of crushing beer cans for cash and the smell of that stale beer.
      ANYway 😉 i have been in a talkative mood today…someone called me verbose lol you have a good one. I wish more people would talk even if there is some disagreement, there is generally room for agreement also. No one agree all the time, not even my wife and myself. We do 97%, but not always. Ta

    1. Congregations! It’s very good to see at least some of the elderly and infirmed have some sort of common sense.

  2. Tiktok and the Batman.
    Does this video reference Embassy No. 6 or the internets’ favourite ‘P’?
    Dontcha hesitate joining in the fave.

  3. If only they did something about booze. But no, that’s because THAT’S THEIR drug of choice and we can’t mess with that!

    1. @August Blue calling out hypocrisy…you’re calling for the 18th Amendment to be reinstated…then once you see the negative effects of a war on alcohol you’ll be like “nevermind history had it right!” and want the ban lifted again

    2. @Amerigoth-Um, no. I’m calling out the hypocrisy of people who support a ban or massive taxation on one drug, but refuse to acknowledge the effects of another drug, simply because that’s their preferred drug of use/abuse. If it’s all about saving lives then you cannot pretend that alcohol isn’t has taken millions of lives since the Volstead Act and destroyed even millions more. At least be honest with yourselves about that fact.

    3. @August Blue okay well sugar and fat is killing more Americans than menthol cigarettes so if it’s about saving lives why not ban soda and fast food and chips and cookies etc? we lost over 33k people to car accidents in 2019. ban cars? also 100% of people born with a heart end up dead. i mean really the safest way to live is to not live. you are…i can’t even say it, youtube will delete my comment

    4. @August Blue i pity you. i have no idea how someone gets to the point where they think anything that has ever killed anyone should be banned by the govt, basically begging for your freedom to be taken away, but i seriously pity you. like an honest, from the heart, pity

    1. I think its more nuts that people find this surprising given the guy in charge criminalized drug use because the white man knows whats best for us and cigarettes are no different right? LOL the left really truly does not understand the devastating consequences of having more government

  4. prohibition 2.0 you just gave organized crime a huge boost. just like the gangsters of the 1920s

  5. Thanks now I’m going to become a king pin off of Newport’s. 4 months already 5 into Biden’s term and he bans menthols lmfao what a joke of a administration and President

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